Playstation Plus Premium: good news, PS1 games will soon be displayed at 60 Hz

The Playstation Plus Premium, the most expensive offer of the new formula, allows you to enjoy many retro games from the catalogs of old Sony consoles such as the PS1. Unfortunately, a small detail comes to spoil the party concerning PS1 games. We explain to you.

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This Thursday, June 23, 2022, Sony has just launched in France and in several countries around the world its redesign of the PS Plus. This new service, from the merger between the old PS Plus and PS Now, now has three formulas. The most expensive, the PS Plus Premium, notably allows access to many retro titles from catalogs of the PS1, the PS2, the PS3 or even the PSP.

Regarding PS1 games, it is for example possible to opt for different display filters, if you wish for example to find the rendering of CRT TVs. However, an essential functionality is still missing the call, in France in any case.

PS1 games in PAL version… and therefore blocked at 50 FPS

Indeed, of the 13 PS1 games currently available, 7 are displayed in their PAL version. These include in particular Ape Escape, Everybody’s Golf, Jumping Flash, Kurushi, Siphon Filter, Wild Arms and Worms World Party. What difference does it make? In the 90s and at the time of analogue televisions, games were displayed in a different format depending on the region of the world: in PAL in European countries such as France and in NTSC in the United States and Japan.

This resulted in significantly different resolutions and colors, but also the frame rate since the PAL offered 50 Hz against 60 Hz with NTSC. You will therefore have understood it, the PS1 games available in PAL via the Playstation Plus Premium do not cannot exceed 50 frames per second. What significantly affect the experience.

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Sony is working on a solution

An unfortunate failure, especially since American users are not concerned since all games are available in their NTSC version. Fortunately, Sony is aware of the issue and confirmed on Twitter that the situation would change soon:

We plan to roll out NTSC options for the majority of classic games offered on Playstation Plus Premium and Deluxe plans in Asia, Europe, Middle East, India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. More information on Playstation:”.

Rest assured, your favorite games from the PS1 era will soon be available in 60 HZ.

Source : Eurogamer

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