PlayStation schedules a new State of Play for next week

Although just a month has passed since the last PlayStation Showcase, it seems that Sony is ready to present even more news about the most imminent future of the console, having announced the celebration of a new State of Play next week. . Thus, the big difference compared to the previous event is that, although the latter focused mainly on PS5 games, this new State of Play promises to focus on both PS4 and PS5 consoles, and their intergenerational titles.

Dated already for next Wednesday, October 27 at 23:00 (Spanish peninsula time), as on previous occasions, we can follow the State of Play live on the PlayStation channels of Twitch and YouTube, in addition to our usual summary with the main news and announcements that occur in it . Although this time we will find a shorter format, with apenalties 20 minutes of presentation.

Unfortunately, while Sony’s last event was certainly quite a roller coaster ride with a huge number of submissions, this time we might not find any new announcements. And is that as specified by the developer, instead of showing the next PlayStation Studios titles, this new State of Play will focus on «announcements and updates for upcoming third-party releases targeting PS5 and PS4«, And that the program will mainly include«new looks at previously announced games, in addition to some disclosures from our partners«.

Although this does not mean that we should expect less or worse announcements. Based on the latest announcements and rumors, it’s easy to make some guesses as to what we might expect to see, with games including the newest installment of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XVI or Aspyr’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake, or even other titles with closer release dates, such as the long-awaited Elden Ring, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Solar Ash.

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