PlayStation Store: the €100 gift card is on sale at Amazon

Notice to owners of a PS4 or a PS5! During an indefinite promotional offer, a PlayStation Store gift card worth 100 euros actually costs you 85 euros on the Amazon site.

While the “January Super Promo” has already started on the official French store of playstationit is possible to save 15 euros on the purchase of a 100 euro gift card at Amazon. Indeed, the e-commerce giant offers a 15% reduction on the card in question; which changes the price to exactly €84.99 instead of 99.99 euros.

Two other gift cards are also on sale: the 25 euro gift card is 21.24 euros and the 50 euro gift card is 42.49 euros. For information, the three gift cards mentioned in this article are available in dematerialized format and a download code valid for 12 months after date of purchase will be sent by e-mail.

How do I redeem the download code on PlayStation Store?

To take advantage of it, simply create a PlayStation Network account or log on to the site and find your code on your confirmation email. Finally, go to ‘Redeem code’ on the PlayStation store, and enter the download code consisting of 12 characters.

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