PlayStation Vita is dead forever

The future of the portable console market seems to be written solely for Nintendo. Sony stopped manufacturing your playstation Vita in year 2019. Now, just two years later, a move made on the Japanese conglomerate seems to make it clear that the console will not have continuity.

Sony has lost part of the rights to the Vita brand

Brands are not eternal. In most of the countries of this world it is not legal to buy and store brands as if they were collectibles. It is necessary to use them for the regulator to renew their concession.

Sony released the PlayStation Vita in 2011. It stopped manufacturing in 2019 and early this 2021 decided to close its app store. Would put end of life cycle console, which never had a successor.

Now, things get even more uphill for the Japanese if they finally decide to retake the laptop market. And it is that they would most likely have to use a different brand, since Sony has lost several of their rights to the term “Vita”, so they could not use that termination in a hypothetical new series of consoles.

Legal problems for Sony with its Vita brand

Now that 2021 is ending, Sony has a serious problem should it want to relaunch its laptop market. According to the Kluewer Trademark Blog, London-based law firm Wiggin has reported that Sony has lost part of its rights to the Vita brand because they have not used the trademark for years for the purposes for which it is patented.

When a trademark is registered by a corporation like Sony, it is not done on a single site. “Vita” wasn’t just registered as a gaming device. It was also patented under the corresponding headings “audio and video device” and “device capable of running programs.” The Rights of Sony on those last two points have been revoked by the Court of Justice of the European Union, as the Japanese have not been able to provide evidence that they are in use in Europe.

Sony already had problems in the beginning with Vita

Going back further, Sony had to fight for the Vita brand as early as 2011. Vieta Audio considered that Sony was not using the Vita brand, and initiated legal proceedings to seize the brand from Sony.

At that time, Sony was able to prove to the judge that it was working on the PS Vita portable console. The defendant would end up being right. Sony has been able to market its PlayStation under the surname “Vita” without any problems so far.

Sony could have prevented it

Playstation Vita

Everything seems to indicate according to the data that Sony is not absolutely interested in continuing its laptop market. Multinationals the size of Sony know perfectly well how easy it is to lose rights to a trademark when it is discontinued.

Sony could have come up with any product or service associated with the term “Vita” if they were really interested in keeping it. If they haven’t, the decision was most likely made a long time ago. Therefore, it is most likely that PS Vita has been to remember.

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