PlayStation VR 2: no backwards compatibility with the games of the first PSVR headset

Although the PS5 allows full backwards compatibility with PS4 games, Sony’s upcoming VR headset won’t be able to take advantage of older games from the original PSVR. Only new titles will be available.

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Credits: Sony

While first impressions of the PSVR2 praise a wide variety of features, as well as the overall quality of experience, users will miss out on one all-important feature with the next-gen PSVR-exclusive VR headset. the PS5: backwards compatibility. This means that games from the first PSVR headset of the PS4 will not be compatible with the new PSVR 2 device.

This was confirmed on the official PlayStation Blog podcast where Platform Experience SVP Hideaki Nishino said that “ PSVR games are not compatible with PSVR 2 because PSVR 2 is designed to deliver a true next-gen VR experience “. Yet the PS5 also offers a next-gen experience, but does offer the ability to play PS4 titles.

PSVR 2 will not be compatible with PSVR games

PSVR 2 has much more advanced features, like all-new controllers with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, inside-out tracking, in-helmet eye tracking, 3D audio, it all comes together nicely. sure. This therefore means that the development of PSVR 2 requires a totally different approach than the original PSVR. continues Mr. Nishino.

While the helmet is not expected before the beginning of the year 2023, we also already know that it will benefit two 4K OLED 120 Hz screens with 2000 x 2040 pixel definitionsa 110 degree field of view and many features never before seen in the competition.

Although PSVR games aren’t available, users of Sony’s upcoming VR headset will still have over 20 different games to choose from at launch. During a conference, Sony had for example mentioned the arrival of a Horizon Call of the Mountain title from Guerrilla and Firesprite. We will also be entitled to games Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Village, No Man’s Sky PlayStation VR2, Firmament, Among Us VR, Star Wars Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge or The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Chapter 2 Retribution.

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