PLC with Wi-Fi repeater, a round gift for this Christmas

This Christmas we are going to give away a lot of technology, and the PLC with a Wi-Fi repeater will once again become one of the star gifts in the digital home. The reason is very simple, this type of device allows us to expand the scope of our Internet connection, also enjoying of the best of both worlds, since they can work wirelessly and wired.

With a traditional PLC, you can only expand your Internet connection wired, something that, in certain situations, can be a significant problem. On the other hand, with a PLC with a Wi-Fi repeater, we can connect both by cable and by Wi-Fi. To better understand how important this differentiation is, it is enough to give an example with a realistic approach.

Imagine that you want to bring your Internet connection to the attic of your house, an area where the Wi-Fi signal from the router is not strong enough to function properly. If you use a Wi-Fi repeater, it is likely that you have it difficult to overcome all the obstacles, and to balance the distance between the router and the area you want to reach.

In that example, the ideal would be a PLC, since it works through the electrical network. Thus, to solve this problem we would only have to connect the first device in a socket near the router, and the second in the socket of the room where we want to take our Internet connection. If we use a PLC with a Wi-Fi repeater, we can connect both by cable and by Wi-Fi, but if we had used a PLC we could only pull the cable, something problematic when using our smartphone or laptop, for example.

PLC with Wi-Fi repeater: Different models for different budgets

A Wi-Fi repeater PLC offers superior value than a simple repeater, and is also superior to a traditional PLC. This means that, in general, its price is also higher. However, we can find today very varied options with different values ​​in relation to price-performance that adjust, without problem, to almost any type of budget.

So, if we have a limited budget, we have options such as the FRITZ! Powerline 540E WLAN Set from AVM, a PLC with a Wi-Fi repeater that can work at 500 Mbps in PLC mode, and that reaches 300 Mbps under Wi-Fi 4. On the other hand, if we are more demanding and we have a larger budget, we can opt for the FRITZ! Powerline 1240E WLAN Set, which works at a maximum of 1,200 Mbps in PLC mode and reaches 300 Mbps under Wi-Fi 4.

Finally, if we want to enjoy a higher level of benefits, and our budget allows it, the FRITZ! Powerline 1260E WLAN Set It is the most powerful option offered by the well-known German manufacturer, and the best gift we could give a demanding user. This PLC with Wi-Fi repeater works at 1,200 Mbps in PLC mode, and offers Wi-Fi in dual band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). Under Wi-Fi 5 it is capable of working at a maximum of 866 Mbps, while in Wi-Fi 4 it reaches 400 Mbps.

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