Please don’t give away technology for Valentine’s Day.

It seems incredible that we are one nerds and, above all, that we dare to give some advice about relationships or Valentine’s Day. But the truth is that, with the wisdom that failure gives us (as the song said), we can tell you that, for these lovers’ parties, don’t give away technology.

Almost you will never look good and we explain why and the ways it’s going to backfire on you.

Don’t even think of giving away appliances, or anything for the house

This is one of the worst offenses when it comes to giving away technology. Your partner thinks that you are finally going to be romantic with this weekend in Paris and, when opening the gift, takes out an iron.

Your eyes sparkle, you tell her it’s the latest technology, she connects to the internet like everything else now and you can tweet with her. while the other person he only sees one use for it and it has to do with your faceironing that expression you have.

Anything that has to do with the house is not a subtle message that the other will be in charge of cooking, cleaning or ironing. That your idea of ​​leisure and love is that your partner does the heavy things.

Impossible to show less tact… Or not.

Don’t even think of giving away games if you don’t know the tastes of the other

Giving away technology is not a good idea

It usually happens that, in couples, there is a fan of something technological and another who supports the hobby with patience. If that’s the case for gamingdo not even think of giving the other person a game if you don’t know exactly what he likes, what he has or doesn’t.

The faces of discomfort when he discovers that the title he is developing has already been passed twice, that it is from a genre that he hates or that you have given to Mario, when he was traumatized as a child, are impossible to hide.

Don’t even think of giving away another screen to be glued to

Technology promised to unite us, but the reality is that it has separated us more than ever and, while democracy and our way of life are falling, thanks to social networks, we are more alone and isolated than ever.

Valentine’s Day is the opposite (or so I’ve been told). Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to truly connect, no screen in between, no blue light in bed until so many

Do not even think of giving away, in general, anything technological

And that is due to two things. The technology is very personal and, the one that is good, is not usually cheap.

So, if your partner says that he needs a mobile, and you give him the phone for 100 euros on duty, you are condemning him to the fact that every time he uses the mobile it is to chat with his exes.

Or if she’s a lover of sound, and you give her those tin-sounding headphones (or something that isn’t her preferred brand, for that matter) she’ll be stuck with something she doesn’t like, but you force her to to use, to maintain the vain illusion that things are going well.

And so with everything: bracelets that measure activity, computers, consoles… the real ones geeks we are too special to leave technology in the hands of others.

And if our partner is not techiesbut we do, you’re not going to have any illusions when you open the gift, take out a Raspberry and ask what the heck that is.

And what to give for Valentine’s Day then if it is not technology?

The best gift for Valentine's Day

Well, all the studies show that the best gifts are experiences and not another junk to be charging all the time. So try that shared experience.

a trip, a spaa dinner, a performance or a show…

I have no idea, but I have been told that there is a life out there, seriously. Better to enjoy it and share it together, don’t you think?

We really haven’t become Luddites or afraid of Skynet. But seriously, this Valentine’s try going out in the real world and have a connection with your partner other than Wi-Fi.

And if not, buy an Amazon voucher. You will thank us.

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