Pleez arrives in Spain to increase restaurant revenue by 15%

A new startup arrives in Spain to promote delivery in restaurants: the Portuguese Pleez. Within the framework of a new stage of expansion, after having consolidated in Germany and Portugal, the company has the objective of revealing the opportunity offered by the menus for maximize performance from a restaurant.

The market of delivery has not stopped growing since it was born, with a current value of 140 million euros and tripling its figure 2017. In Portugal alone, food delivery services reached a penetration rate of 28% last year. In this sense and with the ever-changing needs of the consumer, restaurants face the challenge of managing their menus through multiple platforms.

The food menus it is one of the aspects that has the most impact on the performance of restaurants, especially menus on delivery platforms. For this reason, Pleez is in charge of offering an optimization service on menus on delivery platforms, by which restaurants can change and make the most of their menu as necessary, being able to increase revenue by 15%.

This is accomplished by understanding when, how, and what items should be included on the menu to increase restaurant margins. A study that delivery platforms do not carry out and that Pleez carries out through the analysis of the different menus of the same restaurant on different delivery platforms through its algorithm, giving suggestions for improvement to achieve a significant increase in prices. income.

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But the advantages of Pleez do not only translate into income, since it brings a greater control over the business and allow restaurants to know in real time information about competitors and active promotions in the area.

In addition, Pleez is not just an algorithm, it is a personalized support for each restaurant, making great improvements through extensive competitive analysis and a monthly analysis of results at the end of each month. A platform in constant development and updating that works to offer the best and most innovative solutions to the clients with whom it works.

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The company was born in Portugal in 2020, where it has its base of operations. Pleez secured the second largest round of financing for a food tech in Portugal, going from four employees to 30 in one year, achieving more than 200 clients and opening in the center of the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

Recently, and after carrying out an in-depth analysis, they have decided to embark on the conquest of the Spanish market due to the similarities they share: it is a market with a similar behavior and with which there are numerous alliances, it is close in cultural terms and it is one of the markets largest in the restaurant sector. All this has led Pleez to open its new offices in Madrid. In this way they meet the current objective of reinforcing their presence on the Peninsula, in order to later expand throughout the rest of Europe.

Currently, the company offers its services to 200 restaurants, of which six are the first Spanish. However, as medium-term goals, Pleez estimates to ally itself with 2,000 new restaurants by the end of this year: 1,200 in Spain (60%) and 800 in Portugal (40%). At the moment it has already partnered with several of the largest delivery platforms, as well as having the same investors as Kitch, recently acquired by Glovo. Among its clients, it already has some establishments such as Surya, Super naan, Arepa’s Coffee & Shop and Viva Burger.

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