Pluto pay TV? What are the chances that it will stop being free?

There are many streaming platforms for video content that we can use today, although most are paid by subscription. On the contrary, the increasingly popular pluto tvwe can enjoy it completely free of charge, although it is not known if the situation will change in the future.

At first we found online services focused on the reproduction of videos on demand such as Netflix or Disney + that offer us a huge amount of content. However, to enjoy all this, we will first have to create an account and pay a subscription. Sometimes we find different modalities that make direct reference to the available capacities or the period of time.

In fact, a good part of these proposals that we are talking about are those that are causing the drop in the use of DTT more important than ever. What’s more, this is a trend that doesn’t seem to change in the future. In parallel, we find some proposals of these characteristics that allow us to enjoy their contents, at no cost at the moment. Perhaps the most popular is Pluto TV. Here we find dozens of channels, including some of them thematic, that we can reproduce in different ways.

For example, we can use the different official applications proposed by the top managers of the platform. In parallel, all we have to do is access the corresponding website in order to enjoy these channels from our favorite Internet browser. However, at this point, many users may wonder if this platform will become paid in the future.

Pluto TV depends on its official apps

As we have mentioned before, we have the possibility to enjoy more than these 200 Pluto TV channels, both through the browser and from its official applications. Well then, we must take into consideration that this is a platform that depends directly, in terms of its operation and existence, on its official applications. These are the ones that generate the necessary publicity to maintain it and so that we do not have to pay to enjoy all its channels.

pluto tv

Basically this means that if this use and respect for the Pluto TV apps is maintained, everything suggests that in the future we will not have to pay for its use. However, in recent weeks certain suspicious uses of the streaming channel platform have been detected. Specifically, we are referring to the use of Pluto TV through independent playlists that are loaded in external programs.

As you can imagine, accessing these channels online digital television without making use of the official applications, you could jeopardize the platform as such. What’s more, if this were to spread, which we hope won’t happen, it could lead to the end of the video streaming service. And it is necessary to take into account that without the advertising revenue from the official Pluto TV applications, its top managers would have to be forced to charge a subscription, or simply close.

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