Pluto TV is the free internet television that you should know

Pluto TV’s free television

At present it is difficult to find a user who does not pay for services like Netflix. Disney +, HBO, Apple TV +, Prime Video, etc. Those who, on the contrary, do not pay for any of these options is because they do not see practically any series or movies or because they have discovered options such as Pluto TV.

And is that Pluto TV can be very interesting for a good number of users, because it offers a large number of content without having to pay a single euro for him. Yes, Pluto TV is free. Although, what do you think if we treat point by point.

So you can have a much clearer and better structured idea of ​​what this online platform that belongs to the multinational ViacomCBS has to offer.

What is Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an online platform that seeks to compete with the rest of current proposals in a very particular way. While services such as Netflix, Disney + or HBO among many others are paid, which implies paying a fixed amount each month to be able to see their contents, Everything on Pluto TV is completely free. Of course, there will be some announcements.

In addition, to use and enjoy Pluto TV not only will you not have to part with a single euro, you will not have to register either. Just by accessing the web through a browser, you can start watching any movie, series or television program available.

The only thing you do have to know is the subject of ads and other commercial activities that they can carry out to monetize and maintain the service, but it is not something annoying to interrupt the experience at all.

Where to watch Pluto TV

As with other similar platforms, Pluto TV is an online service that can be accessed access in different ways and from different devices. In some of them the experience will be more comfortable than in others, but generally good in all of them.

To begin with, if we go to the browser, we have to Pluto TV offers a web version of the platform that allows access to it from any device that has one. That means that from your laptop, desktop computer, Chromebook and even tablets you could access it just by typing in the URL of Pluto TV.

This first would be the universal option so that anyone can access the service without many complications. Of course, those looking for a better experience will have to resort to the native apps.

These apps are available for both smart TVs such as Smart TVs from Samsung or LG with webOS as well as for devices such as Fire TV from Amazon, also terminals and set top boxes based on Android (Google’s operating system) and, of course, for iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs. It also has support for Chromecast, so you can send your content to a TV compatible with chroemcast or wherever you have a dongle connected.

Apple computers with macOS, like other Windows PCs, do not have their own app. So you have to resort to using the aforementioned browser. Which is not a problem. And if by some chance you were wondering, there is also Pluto TV app for consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. So you will only have to enter their respective stores to download them and start enjoying the content.

How to update Pluto TV on your device

Depending on the type of device you use to watch Pluto TV, if you need to update or install the app, here’s what to do:

  • On Android devices you just have to go to Google Play and download the Pluto TV app
  • In set top box with Android TV or Smart TV with Android TV the same, from the app store
  • If you have a Roku device, go to Home and then in Settings look for system and system update. Now you can force manual detection and update of the app if it did not do it automatically
  • For iOS, iPadOS and tvOS devices you have to access the App Store in each of them, search for the app and give it to update if you already had it and it has not been automatically paid.
  • Finally, in televisions such as Samsung Smart TVs, it is usually factory installed. If not, go to their app stores for both Samsung and LG and give download or update, whatever you touch

Pluto TV and the user experience

Knowing the platforms for which Pluto TV has applications or which must be accessed through the browser, the next thing is to know how to access the service and here it will surprise you because no registration needed any.

This is something that is surprising, especially nowadays when algorithms are so present when it comes to recommending what to see and where it is also sought to know the tastes and preferences of the user in order to attract their attention with personalized recommendations.

Well, for Pluto TV none of that seems to matter and if you want to see its offer at the content level, because the service is free as we said, you will only have to open the application or access from your web browser.

Once inside you will see a fairly clear interface in which, on the one hand, is the content at the top. And on the other, at the bottom you will see two columns that allow you to see the content classified by categories such as Featured, New to Pluto TV, series, movies, types of movies according to genre, etc.

This view can be changed to a scan mode, so you can see all the content more clearly or the content itself in full screen. However, between the web version, the app and depending on the device, the elements are adjusted to the size of each screen.

All channels and content

So far so good, but beyond being a service that does not need registration, what can a platform offer that is free? Well pay attention, because you are likely to be surprised to the point of thinking if you really need to pay for the usual ones.

To start you have to know that Pluto TV is divided into Live and On Demand TV content. The first group is made up of live broadcasts where everything works like traditional television. There is a grid with the different programs (channels) so that you know what they are playing and when the new thing begins. Those would be the television channels and would add up to about 40.


  • Pluto TV Cinema
  • Pluto TV Cinema Action
  • Pluto TV Cinema Drama
  • Pluto TV Cinema Comedy
  • Pluto TV Cinema Horror
  • Pluto TV Star Cinema


  • Pluto TV Anime
  • Pluto TV Novels
  • Pluto TV Series
  • Pluto TV Competitions
  • Pluto TV Series Latinas
  • Pluto TV Sports
  • Pluto TV Series Retro
  • Classic Telefe
  • MTV Vintage


  • Pluto TV Investigates
  • Pluto TV Reality
  • Pluto TV Nature


  • Pluto TV Kitchen
  • Pluto TV Travel


  • Pluto TV Kids
  • Classic Nick
  • Nick Jr. Club
  • Pluto TV Junior

Then there is the second group of On Demand content. This offer on demand will allow you to see it whenever you want and not conditioned by any type of schedule. In this section there is a lot of content that is seen live, so if you are in that section and you saw a series or movie that has already started and you would like to see it from the beginning, you know that you can probably do it.

The live TV part is made up of the following categories that allow channels to be grouped on:

  • Outstanding
  • New on Pluto TV
  • Last chance
  • Films
  • Series
  • MTV on Pluto TV
  • Entertainment
  • Comedy
  • Crime and mystery
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • sports
  • Childish

The part of On Demand for its part, it is made up of:

  • Continue watching
  • Highlights
  • New on Pluto TV
  • TV: Series
  • Cinema: Action
  • Crime and mystery
  • TV: Entertainment
  • Cinema: Comedy
  • MTV on Pluto TV
  • TV: Anime
  • TV: Kitchen
  • Cinema: Adventures
  • Cinema: Thriller
  • Cinema: Drama
  • Cinema: Romance
  • Cinema: Sci-Fi
  • Author cinema
  • Documentary film
  • Love nature
  • Cinema: Latino

What’s between all those categories? Well there is the good thing about Pluto TV, there is a lot interesting content both in topics of movies and series and programs of those television that end up hooking you for hours.

Honestly, there is so much content that now more than ever the search engine option is appreciated. Because before paying for a platform like Netflix, if you want to see a specific series or movie, you should first check if it is on Pluto TV.

For example, some content available on Pluto TV that you should not miss if you like the series:

  • Halt and Catch Fire It is another of the series that you can follow on the same channel mentioned above from AMC. If you like the world of technology, the beginnings of the computer age, video games, etc., you must see it yes or yes because you are going to love it
  • The walking dead AMC’s popular zombie series is available on Pluto TV. It is true that there are only the first five seasons, but for many they were the best. So if you see that the series hooks you, you will find where to continue with the rest
  • The Baywatch (Baywatch) is one of those mythical series of the summer and although it is already ending, if you dare, it will surely entertain you as many of us were entertained long ago in the afternoons
  • Star trek one of the mythical sagas of space adventures that you can also enjoy here on Pluto TV.

Along with this there are also numerous movies on demand what can you see. Some interesting ones that we have seen in the catalog:

  • Flyboys, tells of the adventures of the Lafayette Airlift Squadron, where young American volunteers enlisted in the service of the French air forces before the United States entered World War I.
  • Gods and monsters, an account of the last days of the Frankenstein author, James Whale

  • Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise, tells the story of how a group of high-ranking German commanders plan to end the life of Adolf Hitler
  • Beast of Burden, starring Daniel Radcliffe, tells the story of Sean who only has one hour to deliver an illegal cargo while convincing a cartel, hitman and the DEA while piloting his plane

  • The Grandmaster, one of the most interesting movies about Kung Fu. This film tells the story of Ip Man, Bruce Lee’s legendary teacher
  • Road tells the story of an apocalyptic world in which you must travel with your son in search of a safe place to live. The protagonist is Viggo Mortensen.

Still, these are small brush strokes that we give you, but there is much more. It is true that some are films with a few years behind them, but it is still worth it because there are very good films that never hurt to see again or for the first time if you did not do it before.

It is also important that you know that depending on the country some channels may or may not be available, which affects the content that can be seen or not. Likewise, all this is changing and what is now in a few months will not and vice versa.

Deserves the full Pluto TV

If you wonder if Pluto TV is worth it, the answer is yes. First of all because it is free. And the issue of ads is not a nuisance in itself. Although you do have to take into account some details.

When talking about channels, one can think of the classic idea of ​​a channel where they broadcast different content at certain times. That here has a bit of a “catch”. Because there are channels like AMC’s that do have different series like The Walking Dead or Halt and Catch Fire. However, there are other “channels” that are really a series, such as The Invisible Girl.

Despite all this, in general the Live and On Demand catalog has great series, movies and programs that you will surely like and, at the very least, have a much more enjoyable time.

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