PNY EliteX-PRO, a new generation portable SSD

The PNY EliteX-PRO is presented as a new compact and reliable portable SSD storage capable of offering a high level of performance, thanks to its compatibility with the USB 3.2 Type-C Gen2x2 standard, which allows it to exceed the 1,000 MB/s barrier in sequential workloads. That model has a different profile than the IronKey Vault Privacy 80 which, as we told you, prioritizes security over performance.

Externally, the PNY EliteX-PRO has a simple design and is integrated into a square-shaped chassis, which makes it easy to carry and fits in a pocket. Regarding its specifications, this model is capable of reaching speeds of up to 1,600MB/s and 1,500MB/s in sequential read and write, figures that not only far exceed external HDDs, but also beat other external SSDs that are normally limited to speeds of 1,000 MB/s.

The base model of the PNY EliteX-PRO has a storage capacity of 500GB, enough for many professionals who need to back up or carry their data, files and key documents always with them. Along with this version, PNY has confirmed the launch of three more variants, one with one capacity 1TB, another 2TB and the top-of-the-range version with 4TB of storage capacity.

The casing of all models is made of aluminum, a light but resistant material, include Acronis Data Protection software and come with a USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter. Its operation should be totally “plug and play” when used with an operating system that supports USB mass storage units, that is, it would be enough to connect it to start using it, we would not have to enter complicated configurations or install any type of additional software.

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The PNY EliteX-PRO are already available, and we have been able to confirm that the maximum read and write speeds vary depending on the storage capacity of each model. Thus, for example, the 1 TB version, which is destined to become one of the most popular, works at 1,500 MB/s and 1,400 MB/s in sequential reading and writing, and is priced at €173.13.

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