PNY helps you choose the vGPU that best suits you and your SME

The vGPU concept responds to “virtual GPU”. This solution starts from a physical GPU that is installed on a server, either in an enterprise data center or in the cloud, and through dedicated NVIDIA software, virtual GPUs are created that can be shared in several virtual machines, to which Access any device from anywhere.

Using a vGPU offers important advantagesamong which we can highlight:

  • High performance from a simplified environment in management and supervision.
  • Optimal use of all available resources.
  • Scalability and business continuity guaranteed at all times.

Thanks to the vGPU we can also enjoy software fully adapted to our work needs:

  • NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS): Accelerates virtualized AI computing workloads on KVM-based infrastructure.
  • NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS): Virtual workstations for creative and technical professionals using graphics applications.
  • NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC): Virtual Desktop (VDI) for knowledge workers using multimedia and office productivity applications.
  • NVIDIA Virtual Applications (vApps): Application streaming with Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) solutions.

However, choosing which vGPU we need can be a complicated decision, a reality that PNY has wanted to solve with its vGPU configurator, a tool that will help us make the right decision. To start using it we just have to follow this link and answer the basic questions that we will find. Once we’re done, We will receive a recommendation according to these answers.

For example, if we target office workers with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, we use four monitors and we work with intensive loads, the recommendation that this tool leaves us is one NVIDIA A16. However, if we focus on “power users”, work with NVIDIA Omniverse and have a “heavy” usage profile, the recommendation goes up to a NVIDIA A40.

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