PNY launches the perfect SSD for Chia with 54,000 TBW of durability

With this objective in mind, the manufacturer PNY has just presented the SSD with the longest durability on the market; These are the PNY LX2030 and LX3030, both in M.2 format and with a PCIe 3.0 interface that are designed for space and time tests like China, offering extreme levels of resistance compared to standard solid state drives.

The first XCH certified SSDs for Chia

PNY LX300 SSD Chia

The NVMe PNY LX2030 and LX3030 M.2 SSDs are the result of a partnership between PNY and Phison to offer the first SSDs dedicated to the cultivation of the Chia cryptocurrency. The LX3030 comes in 1 and 2 TB capacity models and offers up to 54,000 TBW of durability on the 2 TB model (27,000 TBW on the 1 TB model), with read and write speeds reaching 3,200 MB / s. 2,400 MB / s respectively. For its part, the LX2030 model has 2 TB of capacity and 10,000 TBW of durability, while it offers speeds of 3,200 MB / s read but only 1,000 MB / s write.

PNY sells these SSDs as the ideal solution for growing Chia Coin. Unlike “proof of work” mining such as Bitcoin or Ethereum which consumes large amounts of power by requiring the GPU to perform complicated calculations, “proof of space and time” applications use space from storage systems. users, which makes them a much more efficient tool in terms of energy consumption.

To secure the blockchain, the data must first be created in a process called “tracing” which is only required once per file. This is a write intensive process, so the SSD must have sustained high bandwidth and write endurance; Typically this level of performance is only achieved by business-grade SSDs, so far PNY has launched these two new models.

Some SSDs that base their operation on an AI engine

PNY Chia Coin

This family of solid state devices takes advantage of Lifextension technology to offer a Chia culture TBW classification (and beware because as they are specific for this, this qualification is only for Chia cultivation and not for other tasks) of up to 54,000 TBW in the 2TB LX3030. In order to offer such a high rating, these SSDs use a advanced AI engine, LDPC, and Flash I / F to improve NAND resistance, making them the best bet for Chia Coin mining.

Both SSD models are available immediately according to the manufacturer, but they have also said that they are through their network of retail distributors, which means that we will potentially be able to see them in stores. What PNY has not disclosed is the price.

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