PocketStar is a portable “microconsole” built with Open Source

PocketStar is a portable mini console that intends to get ahead through a company of crowdfunding on kick start. It is a device that will have a traditional digital crosshead, two action buttons, a vibration motor, accelerometer, rechargeable battery, a mono speaker and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

If we say that PocketStar is a portable mini console, it is because its size is very small, with dimensions of 50 millimeters high, 30 millimeters wide and 10 millimeters deep. For samples you only have to see its size compared to that of a 50 euro cent coin or that it fits in the smallest pocket of jeans. The shape of the console and the layout of the buttons and screen very reminiscent of the classic Game Boy.

Despite its diminutive size, the PocketStar has been designed, or so its creators say, to be ergonomic and able to fit even large hands. The fact of being such a small device makes it susceptible to breakage, so it will be resistant to falls (although not all, obviously).

At this point it does not say that we are facing a console oriented to the retrogaming and emulation, more specifically platforms Game Boy and Sega Master System as specified by the Kickstarter campaign. However, Pocuter, the company behind the creation of this cute device, has announced that it will be able to run the original Doom from 1993, a classic that, in many ways, refuses to die.

Doom running on the PocketStar handheld mini-console

PocketStar has a 160MHz processor, 4MB of internal Flash memory and 400KB of SRAM. The battery offers an autonomy of more than five hours and requires two to three hours to charge, the video games can be supplied through a microSD card and Arduino and software components published as open source have been used for their construction, so it can be said that at least it is based on Open Source both at the hardware and software level. Pocuter has announced the creation of its own three-dimensional graphics engine, which can run at more than 30fps on the console.

As we can see, PocketStar is a rather curious console that can delight nostalgics. The fact that it is designed to be resistant gives it a plus to take it out of the house and enjoy it in those moments when someone waits while traveling by bus. Those who are interested have all the information in the Kickstarter campaign.

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