Podcast 13 × 05: Camera, Battery and screen, the reasons to change iPhone.

Last night we made one more episode of #podcastApple in which we talked about some of the reasons why it is worth buying this new iPhone 13 model that Apple launched into reservations a week ago and that many of you already you are about to receive it at home or even go to an Apple Store to look for it.

This week is key to millions of users who are looking forward to Friday for a reason other than having a party on the weekend. The week began with the new versions of Apple operating systems except macOS and will end with the arrival of the new iPhone 13 and iPad mini in the hands of their owners.

If you want, you can follow us live from our channel on YouTube, or wait a few hours until the audio of the podcast broadcast is available through iTunes. If you have any problem, doubt or suggestion that you want to share on our podcast, you can comment on it live through the chat available on YouTube, using the #podcastapple hashtag on Twitter or from our Telegram channel.

In any case the good thing is that we are creating a beautiful community and it is good for everyone that you contribute your grain of sand with any of the options that you have available also if you follow us live it is possible that you will take a gift with the raffles that we are carrying out in the direct ones. We are delighted to spend time with friends talking about what we like, Apple and other news of the week. You sign up?

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