Podcast 13×17: Many rumors and little news

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Last week we couldn’t be with all of you and this week we couldn’t miss the opportunity. The fact is that last night we had another edition of the #podcastApple in which, due to a series of circumstances, Luis was left alone in front of the microphones. In any case, he did not disappoint at all and he is capable of this and much more. That said, we can say that Apple’s issues are not that abundant at this time, but there are always news, rumors and leaks that we like to share and comment on with all of you, yesterday we talked about some of them.

This is the link for you to enter our YouTube channel so that you can follow us in the next episode live or you can enjoy the podcast published on iTunes for listen to it whenever and wherever you want. If you have any questions or suggestions and you think we can comment on the podcast, you can do it live through the chat available on YouTube, using the hashtag #podcastapple on Twitter or from our new Discord channel, which is totally free. for everyone and that we are becoming more and more active users.

And again we have to thank everyone present for your company in these intense early mornings, More and more users are meeting live and asking us directly about Apple’s technological news, its products and also other topics not directly related to Apple. For the team it is really a pleasure to share all our experiences and to know yourswe hope that this community of users continues to grow day by day.

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