Pokémon Go and Niantic join the Metaverse, will create video games that interact with the real world

Last week Facebook revealed his plans to build the metaverse, which in his opinion will become the next generation of the internet, a space for coexistence that would go beyond a social network on a PC, or a cell phone, which would also be present in our day a day.

In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, metaverse it is the virtual environment of the future to which it will be possible to enter, instead of simply seeing a screen. In this virtual world it will be possible to carry out any activity with virtual reality devices, augmented reality glasses and applications.

The metaverse could catch up with Pokémon Go

Now all this seems that the metaverse will also reach one of the most popular video games today, on mobile devices, it is nothing more and nothing less than Pokemon go which seeks to attract new users and also refresh its playability.

Pokemon go was released on July 6, 2016, it quickly managed to position itself as one of the most downloaded location-based augmented reality video games in history thanks to a new configuration and its free-to-play based system, with microtransactions.

The developer of this video game, Niantic, has released a new platform called Lightship, which offers tools to develop according to its words “the metaverse of the real world.”

Pokémon Go will have nothing to do with Facebook

As the comparisons with Facebook did not wait, in Pokémon GO will be completely different from the social network by Mark Zuckerberg, while one seeks for people to enter their digital world and forget everything that is happening outside, Lightship seeks to unite the two worlds, the real one and the digital one, so that people go out and can live with real things but also use what they have called the digital and the real world.

In order for this entire metaverse to become a reality, the CEO of Niantic, John hanke He explained that Lightship will make it possible for smartphone applications to identify where the camera is looking, be it the sky, water or other surfaces, all this will also evaluate the depth and also the objects, with this virtual objects can be placed by behind physical objects, it is able to detect solids to improve collisions when the virtual interacts with the real.

Unlike a science fiction metaverse, a real-world metaverse will use technology to enhance our experience of the world as we’ve known it for thousands of years. – John Hanke

The entire Lightship platform is available through the website and is free for anyone dedicated to software development and also all the tools that are available in the development kit are free. Currently, the only charge they make is for the function that allows access to augmented reality through multiple devices, that is, different devices accessing the same experience or virtual reality program at the same time.

According to the CEO of Niantic, its Lightship platform is the starting point for those who seek to create a technology that connects the real world with the digital world, quoting his words he says the following:

We could call it a “real world metaverse” to distinguish it from the virtual version of the video game, but honestly, I think we are going to experience it as an enhanced reality: a reality infused with data, information, services and interactive creations.

The company already has experience in Pokemon go, that is to say, it is in charge of synchronizing all the data of all the people for the exchange of objects, finally it is sought that the video game interacts with the real world, change things in real life for virtual life or vice versa.

When will it arrive?

All of this is expected to arrive next year as they have a major update planned for Lightship, A visual positioning system made for augmented reality lenses is also expected, with this it allows the glasses to identify everything they are seeing in order to create this experience between the virtual and the real, in addition, it is sought that the virtual objects remain in the In the real world, in the case of Pokémon, if a pokeball is left in a park and no one takes it, as long as it passes through that park, said pokeball will be there.

Niantic continues to develop its platform but is also making its augmented reality glasses, it is working together with Qualcomm and they seek to virtualize the entire world, all connected to the Niantic Real World Platform, but it is a matter of time to see what applications are developed and how they are integrated into Pokémon GO.


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