Pokémon Home is now compatible with many more games

What happens in Hisui does not stay in Hisui: compatibility with Pokémon Home arrives

With the output of Pokemon Legends: Arceusmuch was said about whether the new creatures that appeared in that title could be reached transfer to the new pokemon games. The history of said title is set in the past, and some Pokémon like Ursaluna or Kleavor appear in the adventure, but they are creatures that are extinct today.

Game Freak put a lot of effort into Hisui’s special forms, so we all really hoped that all those Pokémon wouldn’t be forgotten and could somehow find their way into other games through Pokémon Home. In a recent press release, the company has announced that Pokémon Home is preparing to add support to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Shiny Diamond Y Shiny Pearl Pokémon.

pokemon home compatibility

To date, Pokémon Home was only compatible with pokemon sword Y Shieldthe two versions of Pokémon Let’s Go, Pokémon GO and the pokemon bank. Therefore, Pokémon games released between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 will be compatible with the Pokémon cloud within a few days.

The Pokémon will undergo some changes during the “time travel”

pokemon home interface

If you’ve ever used Pokémon Home, you’ll know that you can’t use just any Pokémon in every game. There are creatures that cannot be transferred to games like Sword and Shield because they have not been added to the Pokédex of those games. The limitation It will still exist, though that’s not going to stop you from being able to move most Pokémon from one game to another.

Also there will be a series of changes which are the following:

The ‘Strange Balls’ arrive

origin ball pokemon arceus

In Hisui, our character dedicated himself to capturing creatures left and right with very rudimentary PokéBalls. By transferring one of those Pokémon to Bright diamond Y Shimmering Pearlwill appear captured by a ‘Strange Ball‘ —We do not yet know the Spanish translation, although we do not rule out that time travel is a Stephen Strange thing—. However, in Pokémon Home, we will continue to see the original ball with which the specimen was captured.

Connectivity between games

Something similar will happen with the attacks. At Hisui we had a fairly limited number of moves. Many of them were brand new. When removing these Pokémon from Arceus’s party, these attacks will be replaced by others. Returning them to the original game will restore those moves.

The first will receive a welcome gift

starter pokemon hisui

The new version of Pokémon Home opens with a gift for the first to use the platform by connecting their games. When depositing the Home a Pokémon that comes from Legends Arceus, we will receive a rowletan Cyndaquil and a Oshawott with maximum effort levels as Mystery Gift in the mobile version of Pokémon Home.

starter pokemon fourth gen

Something similar will happen if we connect our games of the fourth generation remakes Players who do so will also receive Turtwig, chimchar Y Piplup with hidden abilities like Mysterious Gift in the smartphone app.

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