Pokémon TV comes to Nintendo Switch for fans of the saga

What is Pokémon TV

Let’s start by admitting that it is a bit strange that to this day there are still no Netflix, Twitch or other video streaming services for Nintendo Switch. And yet an application arrives that is basically that. But we also know what Nintendo is like in particular, so we assume that it will only do what it is really interested in and benefits from.

That is the current case, Pokémon TV or Pokémon TV, which is the name of the app in the Nintendo Spain eShop, is an application that we already knew before since it was launched for the first time in 2019 on mobile devices and smart televisions. Now what comes is the version for the portable Nintendo and its objective is none other than to give more content for fans of the saga.

Find tons of great Pokémon content to watch in one place, with hundreds of episodes, including entire seasons, and cartoon specials. The content changes periodically!

As you can see in the video above and as described in the description of the application itself in the eShop, Pokémon TV gives all fans of the saga access to free content related to the popular video game. Thus, for example, from the application you can see the different existing episodes of the cartoon series and other specials, also some content that will help the little ones to be interested in songs and more.

It could also be the way to find out about future news and even broadcasts of competitive events. Something that would make a lot of sense after the launch of Pokémon Unite, a game that we have already told you about and which is basically a League of Legends-style MOBA with which The Pokémon Company and Nintendo could promote their more eSport side.

How to download Pokémon TV for Nintendo Switch

To download the new Pokémon TV application on your Nintendo Switch there is nothing you do not already know. Go to the Nintendo eShop and if it does not appear in highlights, use the search engine to find it. Once you have it, click on install and that’s it. The application, as you can imagine, is completely free, as is the content that is offered.

This is so for several reasons, the first and obvious because it is an app to increase user loyalty; and the second because if mobile phones and Smart TV were free, now they cannot do anything else if there is no clear benefit or added value. Because you have to remember that, for example, the Pokémon series is on Netflix.

If you are interested or want to see some additional information, here is a link to Pokémon TV in the Nintendo eShop.

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