Polar M430 cheaper than ever: only 99.90 euros

The Polar M430 is, in its own right, one of the most valued watches by runners, who need a device that is capable of quantifying everything related to their workouts. And it is that running is much more than putting on shoes and starting to move your legs. If we want to get the most out of each I train, explore our ability and progress in it, we need an ally like this smart watch designed especially for sports.

For this purpose, the Polar M430 has a heart rate monitor, a fundamental tool both to adjust our rhythm during training, and to be able to study afterwards how we are, and determine if the rhythms that we have followed have been the most appropriate. As you already know, heart rate zones are a key element and, consequently, adapting our workouts to them will translate into better use.

Another key feature of the Polar M430 is its built-in GPS. Thus, thanks to it, we will be able to save a record in which to check, a posteriori, not only the route we have followed, but also the speed, height and heart rate data for each phase of it. All this data can be consulted and managed in Polar Flow, Polar’s online platform, accessible both from the web and from your app, which will help us keep a complete record of our activities.

Polar M430 cheaper than ever: only 99.90 euros

With all that information, the Polar M430 and Polar Flow they will be able to provide us with a lot of interesting information: from a test to determine our physical fitness to evaluations regarding our evolution. And to this we add Polar Running Program, a personalized training plan, based on our current situation. Almost like having a personal trainerjust on the wrist.

As a general rule, the price of the Polar M430 is 230 euros, but thanks to Amazon’s early Black Friday offers, at this moment we can get hold of it for only 99.90 euros, a unique offer and that, if you practice running, you should not miss out.

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