Police break into a wedding to take the groom for not paying alimony: VIDEO

In Ecuador, a new way of stopping weddings occurred, since instead of the classic “I am opposed”, a different way was applied here, which has to do with the participation of the police. The fact that it became viral was experienced in El Guabo, in the province of El Oro.

Last Sunday an unusual situation occurred, since a group of police officers interrupted a wedding to arrest the groom that he owed alimony from another commitment, a situation that made it go viral, since the video would be shared where you can see how the security body arrested the boyfriend and took him out of the place.

While the policemen took the boyfriend away, it was possible to hear in the background “Do not let him go up”, this is because the family and the girlfriend seek by all possible means that they did not take it away and that the event where he was joining marriage ties could be completed. The efforts of the guests were in vain, since the young man ended up taking him on the arrested patrol.

The reaction on social media

The first thing to recognize is that it is not right to owe alimony, but the way the police acted raised a controversy on social networks, where the video went viral almost immediately.

Among the comments, it is possible to see how people are angry about the way they act, since they do not do the same with the “crooks”, while others “Ahhhh but to catch rogues how they tremble … Here if they act fast. Of course, the alleged offended woman gives them money plus the capture ticket so that they can arrest him, there if they run … The demand for food is not a crime, but they are arrested. And nobody does anything about it. “

Others went against the plaintiff, since they assure that this type of demand does not fix anything, since the debtor goes to jail, serves his sentence and when he leaves, he follows the same problem instead of fixing it. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to take responsibility for what they do, that is, if you have children, take care of them.

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