Polium One will be the first console based on NFT and blockchain

The Polium One is shaping up to be the world’s first console to be based on a multi-blockchain system and in the controversial NFT, also known as “non-fungible tokens”. According to those responsible for the project, Polium, this console will have enough power to move “high-performance” games and will be easy to use.

We don’t have details on the technical specifications, but Polium has already started to generate buzz by saying things that, frankly, I find quite difficult to believe, and that’s precisely why it doesn’t give me a good feeling. Do you think I exaggerate? Well judge for yourselves, in theory the Polium One will be able to move games in 8K with HDR at 120 FPS and with ray tracing.

Let’s put this in context, today not even a GeForce RTX 3090 Ti is capable of running 8K games at 120 FPS with active ray tracing. I know that we are talking about a console that is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2024, but to think that in two years we will be able to tame ray tracing in 8K I think it is being optimistic, and to suggest that a console is going to be able to reach that level is innocent, especially when we see that only four people work on the hardware of the console.

Polium One controller

Polim One will have a biometric authentication system

And it will be integrated into the console’s control knob. According to Polium, it will be a fingerprint reader, and will also come with a dedicated button that will give users access to the multi-chain wallet designed to “trade, exchange, stake and receive cryptocurrencies”. This makes it more than just a console.

As you may have imagined, the skepticism surrounding the Polium One is quite large, and I must say that it is completely normal. Many believe that it can end up becoming another scam related to the blockchain and NFTs, and I frankly after hearing the words “8K console with ray tracing and 120 FPS” I am inclined to think that it is most likely so.

On the other hand, the fact that only four people face such an ambitious project and that they have to “copy” the Game Cube logo It’s not that it generates a lot of trust either. Polium says that it will have a working prototype of the console in November, or maybe a little earlier, and that they will show it on YouTube using a “respected influencer”. We will see what they are really capable of, but don’t get carried away by emotion, this project “smells bad” from the beginning, and I am very afraid that it will not end well. I hope I’m wrong.

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