Porsche is planning a large 100% electric SUV, here’s what we know

The Porsche range will soon expand. The German brand has announced a new large, 100% electric luxury SUV.

2022 is obviously a year to mark a milestone for Porsche. The German car brand is indeed celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its very first SUV, the legendary Cayenne. If in the meantime a second SUV has come to complete the range of the Stuttgart firm with precisely the arrival of the macan, Porsche is already imagining a third SUV to expand its lot. But be careful, this one will have a great particularity: it will be 100% electric. It will be a luxury model, which could be as big or could reach the imposing size of the Cayenne.

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Porsche announces an upcoming 100% electric SUV

This is the CEO of Porsche, Oliver Blume, who announced it himself. “We plan to add a new all-electric luxury SUV to our catalog, rolling off the assembly lines in Leipzig.” thus indicated the big boss of the group. This electric SUV should therefore be the second 100% electric vehicle from Porsche, after the Taycan, the latter having been very successful. To go into the details, it is still too early to know what the particularities of this 100% electric SUV, codenamed K1, will be. But some information about this K1 has already been revealed.

  • The K1 will have a very sporty positioning for an SUV.
  • The Porsche K1 will likely follow technology from the Mission R, a concept car electric that the brand presented at the IAA 2021 motor show in Munich.
  • It would include a 920-volt electrical system for faster charging.
  • It would have a high-performance battery and a direct oil-cooled electric motor.
  • It should be available with three rows of seats.

This SUV will be a very luxurious model, as evidenced by the words of Oliver Blume.“This will strengthen our position in the luxury vehicle segment. We particularly target higher margin segments and aim to exploit new sales opportunities in this way” said the CEO of Porsche. Production is expected to begin in the middle of the decade, i.e. by 2025.

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