Portugal bans bosses from contacting employees outside of working hours

On Portugal Parliament passed a law prohibiting women Business and bosses contact the employees outside working hours, this given the conflicts that work brought at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Workers, in different parts of the world, have indicated that during the home office -implemented during the health emergency- has increased the load and working hours, so in Portugal measures were taken to put an end to it.

The law talks about the “right to disconnect” that the worker has, in case the employer contacts them, they must be entitled to a heavy fine as it is considered a serious offense according to the Labour code of that country, indicates the EFE agency.

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This law also prohibits bosses from asking their workers Photographs, sounds or texts, something that was implemented in some workplaces to know the location of their employees when doing work at home.

Companies cover cost work at home

The Business They will also have to cover expenses derived from working at home, such as payment of electricity and food that the employee may receive in advance.

To make this official, there must be an agreement between the two parties, although this could be omitted in the case of parents with children up to three years of age, according to Portuguese labor law.

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Although with the law approved by Parliament, the agreement can apply to parents with children up to eight years old, as long as the activity is compatible with the work at home, EFE details.

The agreements will have a duration of six months and then they must be renewed, although if the worker wishes to refuse to continue, they could do so without having to give the reasons, something that does not apply to the employer who must argue their refusal.


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