Positive Grid introduced an improved version of Spark

The Spark amplifier from Positive Grid, a fairly popular and rapidly developing company in the field of musical equipment, is an extremely useful product for practicing musicians. However, it is impossible not to notice that its size and weight are not very practical in situations where you would like to play, for example, in another room, or in any other way go outside your studio. But fortunately for all fans of the above-named company, now this manufacturer has a new, much more portable version of Spark.

Thus, Positive Grid introduced an updated mini-amplifier, which was appropriately named – Spark Mini. And going straight into its details, it promises its owners the digital functionality of its larger sibling in a much smaller design that you can easily carry around wherever you want to play. Boasting 10W of power, the device serves as a Bluetooth speaker of sorts and supposedly delivers punchy bass thanks to downward amplification. Moreover, the novelty even has a replaceable grille to personalize the appearance. However, connected functions are still the centerpiece.

The Spark mobile app can automatically create backing tracks as you play, display chords for any song, including the ability to slow down if you want to learn more about a passage, and play any of over 10,000 free guitar tones. Also, don’t ignore that the Spark Mini includes 33 amp models, 43 effects, and a USB interface, on top of the almost obligatory 1/4″ guitar inputs, along with 8″ auxiliary inputs. All this is useful for transferring your performances to the company’s creative software.

And by the way, the battery built into the product, according to the manufacturer, should last for eight hours. Of the not very pleasant moments, it should only be mentioned that Positive Grid has so far decided not to mention the prices for the Spark Mini, but in any case, it will be available for pre-order in March of this year. It’s safe to say that this tiny amp will cost less than its $299 full-sized counterpart, potentially making it a much better deal, especially if price and versatility are more important to you than sheer power.

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