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The MacBook Air 2022 will be one of the great novelties Apple for this year. There is still no official information, but the leaks are becoming more and more intense, and one of the most recent includes many details about this new ultra-light laptop from the apple company, including its possible price and its launch date.

One of the most important novelties that the MacBook Air 2022 will introduce will be a design change, bringing it closer to the 2021 iMac series, and that will give it a more colorful and striking finish. Concept designs have also started to be seen in which this laptop shows a notch at the top of the screen, where the front camera is integrated.

In terms of hardware, the MacBook Air 2022 will come equipped with a new Apple M2 SoC, a chip that could be a minor evolution of the Apple M1, at least according to several information that we have seen previously, and that indicates that the most relevant improvements would be in the use of a new CPU architecture, which would allow to considerably improve single-wire performance, and a slight increase in the total number of GPU cores, which will mean an improvement in the gross power of this.

The MacBook Air 2022 could also be 7% thinner than previous model, and it is said that it will be priced fairly “cheap” by Apple’s standards. There is nothing definitive yet, but two options are being considered. The first is that the MacBook Air 2022 costs 999 dollars, but it would only happen if Apple decided to stop marketing the 2020 model. The second raises the price to 1,200 dollars, but in exchange, the 2020 model would be kept as a cheaper option.

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The launch date of the MacBook Air 2022 has not been confirmed, but everything seems to indicate that it would be available in march this year, a date that makes sense and that also fits with other information that had previously appeared.

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