POSTEUM, content creator app for the social networks of SMEs

The company Cosomedia has developed POSTEUM, a ‘social media’ tool designed specifically for SMEs and the self-employed. Social networks are the main digital amplifier for small businesses and, precisely to boost their professional management, this solution is designed as a web application for managing the social networks of SMEs. running as a content generator Schedule and post at the best dates and times, based on your annual marketing calendar and the engagement analytics you receive.

“Social media” innovation, with a Spanish stamp

«The system learns from itself and publishes at the best time for followers to interact with the post«, indicates José Manuel Fuentes, CEO of Cosmomedia, the Spanish technology creator of POSTEUM. But in addition to publishing at the best time to obtain this social dynamism, the application is nourished by the initial data collection to personalize the publications, with the information, logo and photos of each business, generating different types of content, professional and adapted to their products and services.

The publications keep a structure of texts elaborated by digital journalists and a design adjusted by graphic designers to the characteristics of each social network. Work with different formats and themes, to comply with the 80/20 rule, widely used in digital marketing, whereby 80% of publications must be of interest to your followers and the remaining 20% ​​allow you to promote or advertise your products and services.

Companies that use POSTEUM can let the system work to publish directly or else supervise, change and reschedule the publications, adapting them to their preferences. The app also has a creation and programming areaso that they can generate their own content on networks.

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POSTEUM is designed for businesses that do not have time, knowledge or resources to maintain their social networks. It is an innovative tool that helps commerce to be more competitive, promoting its digitization. Through a simple data collection, POSTEUM autogenerates the different types of content with which to feed the social networks of a business. To the usual greetings, good morning, advice and others, it adds other corporate content of the products, services or promotions of the business”, Sources points out.

Social networks and the digital divide between small and large companies

Although, in general terms, the presence of companies in social networks has increased in the last two years, the gap between the largest and micro-SMEs It has also increased, going from 17.1 points to 23.9 points, according to the “2021 SME Digitization Report. A vision by sector”, from the National Observatory of Technology and Society.

In this sense, POSTEUM allows you to take advantage of the advantages of social networks, helping SMEs to increase their followers, get more interactions or sales, in a simple and economical way, through social networks.

Companies and professionals can try POSTEUM for free, to connect their Facebook page, their Instagram channel or Google My Business business profile. At the end of the initial data collection, POSTEUM gives them a calendar of publications adapted to their business, distributed throughout the month and programmed to be published directly on their social networks.

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