Power your local workloads with VMware vSphere+

The companies they prefer to run many of their workloads in on-premises data centers for a variety of reasons: increased cost effectiveness, need for low latency, data privacy or sovereignty, regulatory compliance, and technical complexity resulting from refactoring and migration.

And yet, most CIOs and those responsible for digital transformation of companies agree when it comes to pointing out that cloud services can improve the management of those workloadsmaking it easier for them to be more agile, improving the work of developers or gaining scalability when needed.

How can the balance between the two worlds be maintained? How can we maintain low latency and more privacy without giving up the most modern technologies found in the cloud? At VMware, they offer us to do it with vSphere+, a solution that accelerates cloud transformation without causing interruptions to essential applications.

A solution that takes into account that companies need to support IT administrators, developer teams and business decision makers to improve the performance of your environment and thus win.

In this sense, VMware vSphere+ is presented as a multi-cloud workload platform that allows to enjoy the benefits of the cloud in the local workloads and that offers high-value cloud services for developers and IT administrators to centralize management, maximize productivity, and accelerate innovation across traditional and next-generation applications.

VMware vSphere+ offers a number of benefits for managing workloads, including increased productivity with new tools and services for system administrators; it accelerates innovation by bringing developers a more agile way of working and finally, it transforms the company’s crazy infrastructure by integrating it into a cloud environment.

As we told you in the whitepaper “VMware vSphere+: Boost your local workloads to reach the finish line”, the platform allows companies to have greater control and visibility of their workloads, which allows them to optimize the performance and efficiency of your ICT infrastructure. If you want to know more and discover how VMware vSphere+ improves the ICT management of your company, don’t think twice and download this technical document.

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