Powerful network of drug traffickers in My Little Pony and Despicable Me lunch boxes falls

The New York Special Narcotics Prosecutor’s Office gave a hard blow to the narco this Wednesday, October 27, when detained five men that were part of a powerful drug traffickers network, Who used children’s lunch boxes to transport cocaine from Puerto Rico to the United States.

The instance explained that these subjects hid the narcotics in the lunch boxes with figures of animated characters such as My litlle pony, My favorite villain and The Secret Life of Your Pets, which were sent through the United States Postal Service to New York and Massachusetts addresses.

Saying modus operandi It worked for drug traffickers for a year, however, local police and the post office soon discovered that these packages of children’s lunch boxes they were sent to people who did not exist or to people who were not related to the marked address.

“Over the years we have seen many creative ways in which drug traffickers conceal illegal narcotics in an effort to evade detection, but hiding them in children’s items is pathetic“said Philip R. Bartlett, Inspector in Charge of the United States Postal Inspection Service.

This is how they found the traffickers

That is how they began to track the deliveries and found the band leaders, Carlos Duarte 36 years old, and Alexis Garcia, 41, who worked as music managers and artist representatives, so that they constantly traveled from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to the United States. Their activity allowed them to move around with the packages without raising suspicions, authorities said.

Both men, leaders of the drug trafficking network, were arrested Wednesday at a Yonkers home, in possession of 400 grams of a white powder substance that was later found to be cocaine. Along with them they were also apprehended Bryan Rye-Pink 23 years old, Raul sweeney of 27, and Wesley coddington of 43.

During the investigations to find the network of drug traffickers in children’s lunchboxes, they have seized about 30 kilos of cocaine, however, in the Special Narcotics Prosecutor’s Office they believe that in between May 2020 and June 2021 They could have sent more packages with more drugs.

Of the five, Duarte faces the highest charge for operate like a big drug dealer, but also by conspiracy, distribution of controlled substances and drug possession; although he pleaded not guilty – he was placed in preventive detention and the authorities anticipate that if found guilty of such crimes, he could spend a lot of time in jail.

Regarding the other detainees, it was reported that Garcia and Sweeney pleaded not guilty and bail was set, while Centeno-Rosado and Coddington will be processed on November 17.

With information from the US Postal Inspection Service


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