Powerleader clarifies the controversy of its x86 CPUs and says they are supported by Intel

A few days ago Powerleader caused a major controversy with the announcement of its x86 CPUs, and in the end it was confirmed that these processors they were nothing more than Intel Core i3-10105 chips with a different nomenclature. Everything from core counts to work frequencies to cache-level settings made it crystal clear.

It goes without saying that the Chinese company was left in a difficult position after the truth came out, and in the end it had no choice but to admit it, although it did so in a very curious way. According to Powerleader, those processors have been co-designed with Intelwhich means that they are not an illegal copy of them, but are supported by the chip giant.

On the other hand, they have also said that their processors they use a slightly custom design, as implying that they could bring improvements compared to the original models that, I remind you, are part of the Comet Lake-S generation, launched in 2020. However, Powerleader has not been able to specify what exactly it has customized, and why We don’t have any more details.

I believe that this comment has been nothing more than an attempt to disguise that, deep down, the processors that Powerleader presented are nothing more than Intel Comet Lake-S processors with another name, and other firmware so that they are identified in a different way than the one original. I leave you the three key points that the Chinese company has highlighted about the launch of these CPUs:

  • The first Powerleader CPU is a custom product that has been released with the support of Intel.
  • These processors will be used mainly in branded PCs for the commercial sector.
  • The company has not declared any type of project linked to the Chinese government, nor has it received any type of subsidy.

Although the Chinese company has blamed the media for “misrepresenting” things, lThe truth is that they made the mistake from the beginning not being at all clear when they presented these processors. If a company presents a CPU and says that they use a new architecture, anyone with minimal knowledge will think that it is something new, their own product, but when they discover that it is actually an old CPU from another brand that has been rebranded, they will be deeply shocked. disappointment.

That has been what has happened, neither more nor less. Powerleader was not clear from the beginning, so she can only blame herself.

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