PowerPoint TIP: add an image to the text of your presentations

Basically what we achieve here is to design an attractive multimedia presentation based on different slides that we create. The program offers us a good number of functions and objects that we can use here in order to achieve more professional and advanced results. In addition to the texts as such, PowerPoint allows the integration of other elements such as images, videos, tables, links, and more.

Precisely for this reason, below we are going to talk about how to achieve more attractive and striking texts. And we don’t just mean change its color or font, but in these lines we are going to show you how to add an image within that text. This is something that, for example, could be very interesting when it comes to making the headlines of the presentation more original.

The reason for all this is that these elements that we add in many slideshow They are usually larger than usual. Therefore, instead of using the usual text, we are going to design some ostensibly more striking headlines using an image.

Prepare text to add a picture in PowerPoint

For all this that we tell you, the first thing we do is open the Microsoft program as such and start designing our presentation. If we already have it, we only have to open the corresponding file in PowerPoint to later go to the slide that contains the text in which we will insert the image. In order to obtain sufficiently visual results, it is recommended that the text be large enough to be able to recognize the image that we insert. It is worth mentioning that both the font and its size can be modified from the Font menu option.

Therefore, once we have the text, we mark it with the mouse by dragging the cursor over it. Next, we go to the Form Format option where the section called Word Art Styles. Here we select the Text fill icon that is located at the top of the three buttons represented by an A. Here we will find a drop-down list that appears on the screen and in which we select the Image option.

word art image

Insert the photo in the text of the presentation

From that moment a new window will appear with several alternatives to insert picture into text in powerpoint. This is where our creativity and imagination come into play to obtain the results we are looking for. This means that we can choose the work mode that most interests us in each case, discarding the call From icons. At that time it will open windows file explorer so that we are located in the disk location of the file of image we want to insert in the text. Select it and click the Insert button.

It will be then when the previously selected text acquires the texture and color of the image that we have selected. Hence precisely the recommendation that we mentioned before that this text was wide and large enough. The more voluminous it is, the better the image texture that we have added to the PowerPoint text.

text image powerpoint

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