PowerShell and Linux getting into the Matrix? This is how they have wreaked havoc on GitHub

But not everything is good news in this regard, since over the last few hours the open source project service has turned into chaos. This has been mainly due to errors detected in the work of a certain developer known on the platform. Specifically, we refer to the developer known as Marak, which has apparently been modifying and corrupting some of its libraries. These to which we refer are the calls Colors and Faker, quite popular and used, by the way.

The problem with all this that we will tell you is mainly due to the widespread use of the two mentioned libraries. Therefore and as you can imagine, this modification of the pieces of software could affect the projects of millions of users causing a Matrix effect in elements such as Windows PowerShell or the Linux terminal. It is worth mentioning that initially these modifications were made by the developer as a complaint. Marak, after the events, wanted to make it clear that he does not want to continue working for free for large companies.

We must not forget that despite being focused on open source projects of users around the world, GitHub is owned by Microsoft. In short, this content creator has damaged two libraries own published on the platform for protest its free use by big business.

GitHub issues stemming from two major libraries

It must be taken into account that the errors and the projects that used these two libraries have been occurring over the last few days. To give us an idea of ​​the importance of all this, we will mention that for example Colors currently has more than 20 million downloads. This can give us a rough idea of ​​the enormous amount of bugs derived from this modification.

colors marak

One of the main failures detected in recent days due to this erroneous modification, became the inconsistent data printing. At first it was thought that all this was given by the default package management system for Node.js. But later and after Marak’s statements, those affected realized that the errors in their projects were given by the intentional and erroneous change in these libraries.

It is striking that these modified versions cause affected projects to print strange letters and symbols. This is done infinitely, and it all starts with three lines of text: “LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY.” At the same time we must know that after the events that we have described, GitHub has blocked access to all your projects to developer Marak. What’s more, in the last few hours the platform itself has eliminated more than 100 repositories owned by Marak. Obviously this is a movement on the part of the Microsoft platform that the aforementioned user has also denounced.

At the moment, while Colors has already been fixed, at the moment Faker is still causing problems. Therefore, in this second case the best we can do is install a previous version.

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