Prank your friends with this nice virtual pet

  • Pop-up messages: from time to time the goose will show us pop-up messages that will appear on our screen from time to time.
  • Honks and squawks: unexpectedly starts ringing and squawking while you are on your PC.
  • Cursor Chase: the goose will follow our cursor until it actually grabs it and carries it away.
  • Muddy footprints on your screen: we may see random fingerprints on our screen as it makes sure to inform the user of its presence from time to time.
  • Safe and secure: this app does not rule under any malware or other virus. It has no chance to harm our computer.

We can also take into account its disadvantages, since we are dealing with a noisy goose that is going to try to distract us as much as possible and interrupt what we are doing. We won’t be able to control it, and on old computers it can even slow down the PC.

A goose by our desk not for the nervous

The drawing of the goose has a retro air because it is pixelated and is in charge of interacting with us, its main objective being to distract us. That is why we must think very carefully if we really want to execute it, since the animal is not going to stop trying to get our attention at all times.

Once we run it, we will find its yellow and white pixelated body walking around our desktop, leaving muddy tracks all over our screen. The lightweight program includes many capabilities that will only reduce our productivity. Immediately after its execution, Goose will appear on our desktop and start following our cursor. She seems adorable at first, but her behavior will get worse.

If we have the speakers activated, we will also hear their steps and squawks. Of course, if necessary, we can always drag it with the cursor so that it does not bother us in a certain area. There will also be times when we will have to overcome a minigame so that we can be calm. Therefore, this is a program not suitable for the impatient.

desktop googe showing windows

In fact, once the cute little animal appears on the screen, we don’t have any easy way to make it disappear. Even if we try to double-click on the goose, it will grab our cursor and run with it across the screen.

What can we do to make it go away?

From the moment we run it, the goose will appear on our screen and begin to walk around and bother us. It is possible that when the time comes, its presence on the screen will be tiresome for us, so we would like to make it disappear. This is something that apparently should be simple, because it is not so simple, since we do not have any menu to close, not even if we click on it with the right button.

desktop googe disable

That is why to make the goose disappear we must leave the ESC key pressed. This will cause a bar to appear in the upper left corner of the screen where it will inform us of the time left for the goose to disappear. Another option is to enter the Windows Task Manager and force its completion.

Free Download Desktop Goose

Desktop Goose is completely free software that we can download for both Windows and macOS from its developer’s website. It currently has its version 0.3 corresponding to February 11, 2020, so it has not received updates for more than two years, which is not an impediment for it to work correctly even in Windows 11.

We will download a compressed ZIP file that we must decompress. Inside its folder we find the file GooseDesktop.exe which we must execute so that the goose appears on the screen of our computer. The software does not require installation, so we can save and run it from any external device if we wish.

It is important to clarify that we are dealing with a completely harmless program, it does not contain viruses or malware, so we can run it without fear. Also, as it does not require installation, it does not make any changes to the Windows registry.

Other fun alternatives

If we’re looking for a program with which we can troll and play pranks on our friends, we’ll tell you about some alternatives to Desktop Goose.

Desktop Meadow

Made by the same creator as Desktop Goose. This time the game is in charge of calming us down with pixelated flowers and birds fluttering around our screen. A postman bird will even appear and will be in charge of showing us friendly and occasional messages. When you start the program, small flowers will appear at the top of our windows. In no time, birds and butterflies will flutter across the screen and perch next to the flowers. We can download it for free from its official website.

eSheep 64bit

We will surely remember eSheep, a beautiful desktop sheep for 16-bit systems. Now we can see her walking on our desktop and windows in Windows 10 and Windows 11 again. This sheep will entertain us with some animations walking from one place to another. We can download the nice application for free from the Microsoft Store itself. This allows us to use it without fear of containing viruses or malware.

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