Pray to use my software, that’s the Prayerware license

Open source programs are quite popular, since we do not have to pay to use these programs. But, within the software, a new type of license has begun to appear. We talk about Prayerwarea type of license that we ask us to pray to be able like this use the software in question.

All computer software has some type of license for its use. The most common are the owner, who forces you to pay to use it, such as Photoshop. Then we have the Open Sources that have several categories, depending on whether we can edit the code or not. But a new type of license is emerging, to say the least, curious.

Prayerware, pray to be able to use a computer program

This type of license is not particularly common, but its operation is quite curious. Has its source inside of Protestant Christian religion. Whoever develops this software does not seek financial compensation, but a spiritual “compensation”. Simply put, the end user prays for the developer of the program and thus gets “authorization” to use the program.

Oddly enough, the software developed under this type of licenses is on the rise. It is rightly listed as one of many types of software licenses out there.

We really talk about a kind of hybrid between proprietary license and freeware. We can download the program in question and use it without major problems and without an economic cost. The user will simply have to make a prayer or pray to obtain the approval of the developer. Mostly, the programs with this license come from the context of the Protestant Christian faith.

software pray prayerware

It is cataloged Prayerware within the category of “Otherware” which refers to types of alternative license. The big ones software groups current are:

  • Owner: payment for using the program in question
  • Freeware: I can use the software free of charge, but it has copyright restrictions
  • Shareware: we are allowed to use a software freely, but with limitations. Windows 10 would be an example, since we can download and install it free of charge, but some functions are not accessible if we do not acquire a license
  • Open Source: any software that is distributed free of charge and for which we can modify the code. Basically most Linux distributions

The term Otherware is used for software that is free, but requires some action to be taken to use it. The Prayerware license allows us to use the program simply by praying.

It is not the only extravagant license that we can find

Although this software license is quite strange, there are other types of licenses that do not fall short. We are going to highlight the funniest:

  • Beerware: This type of license requires the user to buy a beer from the author or in some cases, that the user has a beer in honor of the author
  • Careware: The user is asked to support or make a donation for the charity that the user wants (occasionally, the software developer indicates the charity to make the donation to)
  • Catware: For this type of license we simply have to have a cat as a pet
  • Postcardware: Here the user must send him a postcard when developing of the software
  • Sisterware: This is one of the most bizarre and is that the user owes introduce your sister to the developer of the software

Tell us in comments if you knew about these crazy software licenses and which ones you would like to try.

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