Pre Black Friday Deals: 3 ASUS Peripheral + Monitor Combo!

Why buy a peripheral plus monitor combo?

These offers are intended for those users who need a gaming monitor or who want to indulge themselves as such, but who also want or need a high-performance mouse or keyboard. The truth is that they are attractive offers that have significant discounts, that have a guarantee for both products and that save us money to the point that in most cases we are dealing with a typical 2 × 1 offer. With that said, are you ready?

ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QR + TUF Gaming K3

We have dealt with this monitor on more than a few occasions, so we will save it for the end and start with the K3. We talk about a keyboard with N-Key Rollover with aluminum alloy cover, palm rest and eight programmable macro keys and Aura Sync lighting.

We can choose it in three versions according to its switches: linear, tactile and clicky, being in all cases 100% anti-ghosting. The wrist rest is magnetic, which is very comfortable in case there are days that we want to use it and others that we do not. Integra USB Passthrought to connect any component, peripheral or smartphone, very convenient without a doubt.

Moving on to the VG279QR, we have a 27-inch monitor with resolution FHD and 165 Hz that supports G-SYNC Compatible, ELMB and ShadowBoost, all in one panel IPS with 350 cd / m2 in brightness and 1200: 1 contrast.

These two wonders would cost 388.99 euros separately, now and after falling by 22% their price is reduced to 302.99 euros.


Few offers we will have seen of this peripheral + monitor pack, since both normally have an adjusted and fixed price for the brand. In any case, we are talking about a mouse with 7000 dpi that is designed for right-handed users, it is very ergonomic and compact, resistant by including a special non-revealed and proprietary coating that does not wear out as much as other materials.

In addition, its switches have a useful life of 50 million clicks, has a Teflon base that will allow us to slide this M3 up to 250 km / h and of course it has lighting. As for the XG27WQ, we are talking about a gaming monitor of 27 inches with resolution WQHD and panel IPS that boasts a refreshment rate of 170 Hz.

It is also compatible with FreeSync and FreeSync Premium Pro, as well as being curved and certified DisplayHDR 400. Before it cost 518.99 euros, but now it has cost 453.99 euros, 12% less.


We’ve described the monitor just above, so we’ll focus on the ROG Strix Scope RX keyboard. It is one of the most advanced ASUS keyboards with ROG RX optical-mechanical switches customized.

They get 1 ms response time and a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes. The switches are logically illuminated with the AURA Sync system, it has an aluminum alloy cover, it is resistant to water and dust thanks to a certificate IP56 and integrates a USB PassThrought 2.0.

The price of both is 628.99 euros and now goes down to 533.99 euros, a discount of 15%.

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