Predator 5: according to John Davis it will be as good as the first movie

John Davis, manufacturer of Predator 5, said the reboot will live up to the first 1987 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to the producer, the new film currently in production will be able to bring new life to the franchise and get closer to the success of the first chapter.

John Davis, producer of Predator 5, says the film is as good as the original

During an interview with Collider for the promotion of Jungle Cruise, Davis talked about Skull, the name assigned to Predator 5, underlining how much the film comes very close to the level of the 1987 original. binaries, said this new chapter could put the series back on track.

It will be, I think, the second best Predator movie. Or the first. Or it could be the same as the first. I feel like the 1987 movie was wonderful and interesting and I know what worked. Since then we have not been able to create something of the same level, we have ended up elsewhere. I think this film is a worthy complement to the first one. It will be just as beautiful.

The first film, directed by John McTiernan (Die Hard) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, saw a group of commandos venture on a mission to Central America, only to be hunted down by an alien being with highly advanced technology.

The film spawned three sequels and two crossover films, where the Predators clashed with the Alien. The new film will follow the first journey of the Predator of the first film on Earth and, although little is known about the film, it has been confirmed that it will have a female lead and will take place many years before the 1987 classic.

The film will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg and the intention is to create it with an R rating (forbidden to minors), offering the possibility of re-proposing the right amount of aggression and violence worthy of the first Predator.

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