Premieres of the week: everything to watch on Netflix, HBO and Amazon

Also that day you will be able to see the documentary film Where did they find you?, in which three adopted Asian girls, after discovering through a DNA test that they are cousins, travel from the US to China to meet their biological parents.

Thursday October 21

Thursday is a fat day on the platform and a good number of titles are released. To start in the series category, the youngest of the house will be able to entertain themselves with season 6 of Tut Tut Cory Cars while adults can give a chance to Life is an anomaly, with Julie Bam, a German comedy about how an influencer and his friend try to return to their life after traveling to a parallel dimension.

The anime Komi-san can’t communicate also premieres in four days with its first episode as well as three specials: the documentary Flip a Coin – One Ok Rock Documentary, on how this group was working to offer an online concert after the cancellation of their shows due to the pandemic; the american reality Sex, Love & Goop, in which you will meet five couples in search of a more pleasant sex and with none other than Gwyneth Paltrow at the helm); and the spanish reality show Insiders, with 12 people who believe they have reached the last casting round of a contest … when in fact they are already competing. With Najwa Nimri as the master of ceremonies.

Friday October 22

If Thursday was entertaining … needless to say the start of the weekend. On Friday you will finally be able to see the second season of the fantastic series Locke & key and laugh with the adult animation series Animaldas.

Taiwanese drama Beyond Sadness: The Series It also lands with its first season, as well as several films that we list below:

  • Spontaneous: sci-fi romantic comedy starring Katherine Langford (For 11 Reasons)

  • Jungleland: brothers are forced to participate in a cruel tournament to pay off debts
  • Mighty oak (Together again): about a music manager who thinks she finds the reincarnation of her brother in a guitar prodigy

  • Love song: a composer meeting a singer who becomes more than just his muse
  • Buddy games– A group of lifelong friends compete in a series of crazy games for money
  • This kid is a junk: a South African comedy about a guitarist who ends up in the home of an accountant, her son and her father.

If you like crime documentaries, know that season 1 of The Raincoat Killer: Hunting a Predator in Korea, about a Seoul serial killer who smashed his victims to death.

Saturday October 23

This is by no means a new series, but it is worth all our attention. And is that the famous The Office reaches the complete catalog so you can enjoy all its seasons.

HBO Premieres of the Week

Here’s what’s new on HBO this week.

Monday October 18

Today we can only look at one premiere and that is that one of HBO’s most successful series is back. We refer to Succession, which returns with its third season so that we can see how things continue between the Roy family after the bombing that Kendall launched in his last press conference.

Remember that HBO saves the chapters to dose them little by little, so that you will go week by week discovering the new episodes. Today you already have the first one and it is already taking time to go see it.

Tuesday October 19

The series Axios and We’re here continue with their programming while Last Week tonight with John Oliver (which has been moved to Tuesdays, yes) is put on hiatus until further notice.

Wednesday October 20

We only have one news for Wednesday and episode 11 of the second season of Stargirl.

Thursday October 21

Turns out that Batwoman It has also moved and now airs on Thursdays. It will be then when you can see chapter 2 of its recently released third season.

Friday October 22

There are no news on Friday that are not already in progress. Thus, Doom Patrol, What we do in the shadows, Legacies, Teenage Euthanasia, Paco’s men and Fena, the pirate princess they continue with new broadcast chapters. For its part, it also premieres (with its first chapter), perfect for anime lovers.

Sunday October 24

Do you like monologues? Well that’s what you can see on Sunday with the arrival of Ricky Velez: here’s everything.

What to see on Amazon

Remember that to enjoy the titles on the platform, you must be subscribed to Amazon Prime Video. This week, yes, you only have the arrival of a new proposal, on Friday, October 22. Is about Infinite, a movie from this same 2021 starring Mark Wahlberg in which a man discovers that his hallucinations are actually visions of past lives.

The link to Amazon Prime in this article is part of our Amazon affiliate agreement and they may earn us a small commission. Even so, the decision to publish it has been made freely, under the editorial criteria of El Output, without attending to suggestions or requests from the brand involved.

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