Premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video

As if that were not enough, the most soccer fans have extra fun with Neymar: The perfect chaos, a docuseries about the Brazilian soccer player, his life and his sporting achievements.

And if what you want is a movie, you can see The First Purge: The Night of the Beasts.

Wednesday January 26

The first season of The Sinner It was without a doubt the best of all, but at least the series has been able to provide a worthy continuity and is already in a fourth season that opens on Wednesday. In it, detective Harry Ambrose will be involved in another mysterious case of those that seem to have little explanation but ends up getting all the lace. The trailer doesn’t look too bad.

Thursday, January 27

The police series with hints of comedy What a catch! Mysterious murder in Sicily arrives on Thursday along with one of the most anticipated documentary-like reality shows of the season: I’m Georgina, with Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner as the protagonist.

Friday January 28

Friday is loaded with news on Netflix. first comes The woman of the house in front of the girl in the window, with Kristen Bell as the protagonist. In it, Anna sees her days go by between glasses of wine (many) and various pills, until one night, looking through her window, she turns out to be a witness to a gruesome murder… Or so she thinks, of course.

The program is also launched Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, the new series about a Russian spy come from the cold and science fiction anime youth in orbit.

The Spanish Fair. the darkest light, about two young people who discover that their parents, now missing, could be related to a mysterious cult.

The Korean (and brutal) We are dead will delight lovers of Asian proposals, gore and zombies, while the little ones have a date with Angry Birds: Summertime Madness or with the tape for the whole family play at home

What to watch on HBO Max

The premieres that you can see this week on HBO Max are the following.

Monday January 24

The series euphoria, the gemstones Y Somebody Somewhere They continue with their new chapters while the 20th season of Real time with Bill Maher.

Tuesday, January 25

Tomorrow you will have new episodes of claws Y NancyDrew. In addition, season 1 of the proposal for children and adolescents is released bajillionaires and the first episode of Season 1 of the golden age (from the creator of downton abbey, eye).

Wednesday January 26

If you follow Naomi, The Cleaning Lady or Selena + Chef, that you know that on Wednesday there will be new chapters. Too Acoustic-Home launches a new installment with Maria José Llergo as the protagonist.

Thursday, January 27

We arrived at episode 9 of the highly commented And just like that… while Hacks, The Dog House, Superman & Lois Y The peacemaker They add new chapters too.

Also on Thursday two films are released: Reminiscence, where a private investigator helps his clients recover lost memories; The Fallout, about the recovery process of two teenagers after a shooting at their high school.

Friday January 28

The weekend will kick off on HBO Max with new episodes of B Positiveand, bat-woman Y DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Saturday January 29

For Saturday you have new deliveries of Call me Kat Y legacies.

Sunday January 30

The 11th episode of The 10th Blade Runner: The Black Lotus It will be available on Sunday.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

If you are from Prime, know that you will have to wait until Thursday to see what’s new in the catalog.

Thursday, January 27

Fans of the popular series this is us You will be able to see season 5 on the platform, which lands on January 27. If you don’t fit that profile and you also prefer movies, know that it also premieres on Thursday the english spy, in which a Cold War spy named Greville Wynne and his Russian source try to end the Cuban missile crisis. With Benedict Cumberbatch.

Friday January 28

Lover of cartoon series for adults? Then you should give a chance to Vox Machine, of a fantastic cut and that is inspired, eye to the data, in a role-playing game of Dungeons & Dragons whose setting was completely created by a popular group named Critical Role that broadcast on Twitch a few years ago. The success was such that the story has now materialized in an animated series.

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