Prepare Kodi and improve its use after installing it with these changes

It is more than likely that most of you have installed or at least have heard of this powerful software. Specifically, it is a program that acts as a multimedia center capable of reproducing and managing all kinds of content. Specifically, we can deal with audio files, movies, series, television channels, programs, photos, etc. To all this we can add that we will have the possibility of dealing with content both locally and through the internet.

It is also a totally free open source project that we can download from this website. Once we have downloaded and installed it on our computer, we will have direct access to all the functions that it presents to us from the outset. The application has its own original user interface that looks more like an independent operating system than a program that we install.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that in Kodi we have the possibility of adding so-called add-ons in order to increase its functionality. At the same time and in order to improve its performance, as soon as you install it, we recommend making some changes to the program itself. That is precisely what we want to talk about next in these same lines.

Customize kodi

Change the interface language

As a general rule, when we install Kodi for the first time we will find its default interface and also all its menus and functions in English. Therefore one of the recommendations that we can give you is that you change this. The first thing is to adapt the language to our preferences, if it is English or we leave it as it is. In the same way, from the Configuration / Interface section, we will have the possibility of modifying a multitude of parameters to adapt the appearance of the program to our tastes.

In this way we can load some other skin, change the general colors of the application, the fonts of the menus, etc.

Create multiple user accounts

In the event that there are going to be several who use this multimedia programIt is important to know that it has support for several accounts. As you can imagine, this is more than recommended in the event that more than one uses Kodi. The reason for all this is quite simple, since each new user account will have its own settings, custom parameters and content libraries.

At the same time, they can specify the folders on the drives to use when saving video, audio or photo files.

Add personal content libraries

Once we have created the corresponding users if we consider it necessary, what we are going to add is a fundamental element here. And, as we have told you, kodi is not only a Media player, but it will also be very helpful when managing the content that we have scattered through our disk drives. Therefore, a very important step in Kodi is to add our own libraries.

As we said before, these can refer to files of images, videos or music. all we have to do is specify in the program where these contents are to be found in order to create our own personalized libraries.

Visit the Kodi repository

Many of you will already know that one of the strengths of this multimedia center is the possibility of adding accessories. Throughout the internet we can use many of these elements to download and add them to the Program. But at the same time it is interesting to know that Kodi has its own repository full of add-ons. These we find as soon as we install the application and well categorized by their type.

Therefore, another recommendation is to take a look at all these elements that are not installed initially but that we can install easily. So we find accessories music, codecs, games, videos, for the interface, etc.

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