Preparers are getting ready for the end of the world; expect mega power blackout and supply shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic, which is currently raging in much of the planet, fueled a movement that seeks to anticipate emergencies such as natural phenomena: it is about the preparers. Now his two main concerns are a possible mega power blackout, and a shortage of food and basic products.

During the Cold War, preppers had their heyday in fear of an atomic conflict, so bunkers were created in basements with canned food and water, then they had a second wave at the beginning of the century, in 2000 a great failure of computer systems was expected with the turn of the millennium, and in 2012 with the supposed end of the world that anticipated the Mayan prophecy.

Now, with a pandemic reaching its second year, inflation and product shortages, the preparers they took a new breath.

Under the motto “The more you know, the less you need”, the Spanish School of Survival offers workshops to, for example, produce fire with mechanical, light, electrical and chemical energy; locate, filter and purify water; preserve food and personal defense.

For the group Preppers and Bushcraft, be preparationist It’s not being crazy, just being cautious and they are enlisting before a “mega blackout”. They recommend having at least the basic family needs covered for two weeks, a reserve of batteries, candles, drinking water and preserves.

In the context of record electricity prices in Europe, the preppers from the old continent fear a large-scale blackout next winter that could lead to “social chaos”, so they call to have nuts, dehydrated foods and grains at home.

On USA, the movement goes hand in hand with the use of weapons, they collect them and are skilled in their use. The American grouping Preppers Network recommends practicing shooting.

There are also groups that are dedicated to storing dehydrated food, on popular internet platforms they sell emergency food kits with servings of high-calorie bars or casseroles that last up to 25 years, but are expensive; A kit with 170 servings of food costs 8,600 pesos.

In addition, it is advised buy vacuum sealers faced with the scenario that in an emergency there might be no electricity to use a refrigerator.

For the preppersHoarding in the face of a crisis is not the way out, because it shows a lack of preparation and not knowing what to do; that’s why they prefer store “little by little”, like “little ants”.


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