Present! The animated XP background, is Space Cadet back? and new updates

Windows 11 continues to give something to talk about, but today there are other news that also want to be protagonists, such as, for example, Google Drive or Firefox 90 itself. However, while these news are in the foreground, there are others that also mark the course of the day, like the ones we are going to see below.

Bliss, Windows XP background, animated

Do you remember the Windows XP wallpaper? Sure it is, since, although the years have passed, it is still an icon for millions of users. The truth is that Microsoft has forgotten a bit about this fund, and it is a shame. But users don’t. And we can find variants of this background as original as this one, a remastered version of this animated background that we can place as a wallpaper on our PC.

This background is part of the Wallpaper Engine collection, an essential program for customizing the Windows background. We can access this fund from here, and download Wallpaper Engine from the following link to the store.

Wallpaper Engine
Wallpaper Engine

Developer: Wallpaper Engine Team

Microsoft talks about Space Cadet: possible return?

Do you remember Windows pinball? When Microsoft released Windows XP, the company included the odd surprise in the operating system. And one of them was this game, known as Space Cadet. A very simple pinball game, but in which more than one of us have spent long hours bouncing the ball around the track. After XP, Microsoft forgot about this game, which we have not heard from again, until now.

At the moment, there is nothing more about this classic game from the Windows XP era. Microsoft may be hiding something, or just wanted to appeal to users’ nostalgia. In the meantime, if you miss this game, so you can install Space Cadet on Windows 10.

Programs to update

Of course, we also bring a series of new versions of programs to be able to bring our software up to date with its most updated versions. In addition to the new Firefox 90, which we talked about a few hours ago, other programs that have received new versions are:

  • digiKam: one of the best alternatives to Adobe Lightroom to process and retouch our photos to give them a professional finish. The new version 7.3 adds support for ExifTool, reduces the time to search for duplicate photos on our hard drive, improves RAW support and adds support to export for iNaturalist and for the FITS Astro-Photo and MPO Multi-Picture formats. We can download this new version from your website.
  • XMedia Recode– a completely free, complete audio and video converter for Windows that supports a wide variety of different formats. The new version of this program updates ffmpeg, in addition to some of the updates. It also fixes some better bugs in the program. We can get it down from here.
  • Bulk Crap Uninstaller: this program allows us to easily uninstall all junk and unnecessary programs from our computer, and eliminate all traces of the software that we delete. The new version 5.1 improves translations, fixes some bugs, and improves potential error detection algorithms. We can download this program from this link.
  • WinSlap: simple tool to access a series of Windows functions and settings hidden within the system. The new version 1.5 of this software adds new controls to the program and corrects some bugs that were affecting the correct functioning of the system. Also, it adds official support for Windows 10 21H1. We can download this program from here.

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