Prevent a PDF from being copied by adding a watermark to its pages

PDF24 Creator

The download and use of this application is completely free and we can download it directly from its website, which we can access from here.


PDF24 Creator is translated into Spanish, so the language will not be a problem when it comes to getting the most out of it.


It is a very simple application and it does not allow us to edit files in this format.

Weeney Free PDF Merger

An interesting completely free application with which we can also add watermarks to files in PDF format can be found at WeeneySoft, an application whose main function is to join several filess in the same file, but, in addition, it also includes additional functions that allow us, for example, to add watermarks, add and modify file metadata, and protect documents through a password.

Weeney Free PDF Merger

We can download this application from its website through the following link. To add a watermark with this application, we just have to open the document where we want to include it and, then, click on the tab Settings. Next, we go to the option Watermark Settings and we establish the text or include the image that we want to add. Finally, we click on Merge Now! so that the watermark is displayed on the file.

Positive aspects

It allows us to add watermarks in text and image format in a very simple way. It is also available for Android devices and, in addition, we can use the web version to carry out the process if we do not want to download the application.

Bad points

Very basic and unintuitive user interface. It barely includes configuration options, however, the ones it offers us to establish the watermark are more than enough.

Websites to add watermarks in PDF

There’s no need install an app to be able to add watermarks to PDF files, since we have at our disposal different totally free options to perform this function.


If the option of installing an application on our computer is not contemplated, because the use that we are going to give to the application is very sporadic, we can use a web page like CleverPDF. CleverPDF is a web page that allows us to add watermarks to text or image format in a PDF file completely free of charge.


The first thing we must do is upload the file to the CleverPDF server. Next, we select if we want to add a watermark or text and finally we select the position in which we want it to be displayed. In addition, we can also choose the level of transparency we want.


You do not need to install any application to perform this process.


We cannot establish the exact position where we want to place the watermark, but we have to use the established options.


Another interesting web page that allows us to add watermarks to both PDF files and images is found in ILovePDF, a true internet classic and with which we can perform a large number of functions with this format created by Photoshop. To add a watermark, we must click on this link and drag the file in which we want to include it.

PDF watermark

Next, a panel will be displayed on the right of the browser where we must write the text that we want to include or upload the image that we want to use. Next, we must establish the location where we want it to be displayed through a grid, specify if we want the mark to be transparent and if we want it to be placed above or below the content. Finally, click on Insert watermark.

We love

It includes a large number of options to add a watermark, including whether we want it to be displayed above or below the text.

leaves to be desired

As it is not an application, we can establish, to the millimeter, where we want the text or image that we want to add in watermark format to be displayed.

Paid apps to include a watermark in a PDF

If, in addition to including a watermark, we want to carry out other types of medications in PDF files, the best applications to carry out this work are shown below.

adobe acrobat

If we talk about files in PDF format, we have to talk about the best applications to work with this format, which, for a reason, was the company that created and turned this format into a standard on the Internet when it comes to sharing documents. With Adobe Acrobat, we can not only add watermarks in image text format, but also, we can also make all kinds of modifications in this format, such as editing the content, creating forms, protecting them with a password, recognizing the text of an image and much more.

Acrobat DC interface

Adobe Acrobat is only available using the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, a subscription that is only worthwhile if the PDF format is part of our day-to-day work, otherwise we can opt for other free options . We can test the app before buying the subscription from here.

We like

It is the best and most complete application of all those available on the market, both for adding watermarks and for making any type of modification in this format.

We do not like it

It only works under subscription, so we cannot buy the application and forget to continue paying.


PDFelement is Hacendado’s Adobe Acrobat. This application is one of the best alternatives to Adobe’s solution and with which we can add watermarks in image or text format. The number of editing options that it puts at our disposal is very wide, but it is not at the same level as Acrobat, by very little.

PDFelement add watermark

We can download a trial version of PDFelement through the following link. The free version allows us to make basic modifications to files in PDF format, but the option to add watermarks is not available.

stands out for

Interesting cheaper alternative to Adobe’s Acrobat that includes a large number of functions.

Needs improvement

It works under subscription, although we can buy the application and forget about paying recurringly forever.


Another interesting paid application with which to add watermarks to PDF files is PDF-XChange, a complete application with which we can do anything with this format, from editing its content, to creating forms, to separating the pages , image text recognition, add JavaScript code and much more.

PDF-XChange Viewer comments and marks

This application is available in different versions, and all of them include the option to add a watermark either in text format or through an image. The cheapest license is priced at 58 euros, while the most complete version, Editor Plus, reaches 74 euros. We can download a trial version of this application with limited functions from this link.

We liked

Among the paid applications, the solution that PDF-XChange offers us is one of the cheapest, despite offering practically the same functions as the more expensive versions.

we didn’t like it

The user interface is not the best of all and should receive a facelift to improve itself.

Master PDF Editor

With Master PDF Editor we find ourselves with a complete application that will allow us to edit the content of files in PDF format, add comments, create forms, includes character recognition, allows us to add digital signatures and, obviously, also allows us to add watermarks in any Format.

Master PDF Editor

Master PDF Editor is available for free download, a download that allows us to check first-hand all the options that the application makes available to us. If we want to get the most out of it, we must go through the box and pay the 68.86 euros it costs.

It stands out especially for

It includes a large number of options to edit files in this format and, together with PDF-XCreator, it is one of the cheapest options on the market.

should improve on

The user interface has a focus on a photo editing application, so it is not the best option for inexperienced users.

Which is the best option?

The best free option to add watermarks to PDF files is PDF24 Creatoran application that allows us to perform a large number of actions with this format with a very simple and intuitive interface.

Of the paid applications, the best option, both for its price and for its ease of use, is PDF-XCreatora very complete application, more than enough for people who work regularly with this format.

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