Prevent them from connecting to your PC with these TeamViewer options

TeamViewer is a must-have tool for users who need to remotely access any PC. This program, free for non-professional use, allows us to connect to any computer without the need for registration, configuration and without opening ports. All you have to do is download the program, open it and provide the other person with the ID and password that it automatically generates.

Although at first we should not take risks when using this program, below, we are going to give you some tips to avoid dislikes and prevent unauthorized people from connecting to the PC without permission.

Keep the program closed when you don’t need it

The first of the advice that we want to give you is precisely this. When we download TeamViewer we have two options, either install it on the computer to always have it available, or run it, without installing, so as not to leave traces on the PC. If we install it, we will have the possibility to configure the program to start automatically when we start the computer. And this can be a danger.

What we must do is open the program only when we plan to use it. For example, before going to work, if we think we are going to need it, or when we are going to go on a trip. Otherwise, it must always be closed to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Change the password from time to time

For convenience, TeamViewer usually keeps the same ID and password for us. In this way, simply by saving this data anywhere, we can have our PC ready to connect to it. However, as time goes by, the chance that someone will get hold of this password increases.

To avoid this, TeamViewer allows us change the password used by another random key with a couple of clicks. In this way, the old password will no longer be valid and we will only be able to connect with the new one.

Change TeamViewer password

And if we prefer use a custom password, we can do it from the advanced options of the program. Of course, we must ensure that it is a strong, long and unique password. Otherwise we may be lowering the security of TeamViewer instead of increasing it.

Activate double authentication

If we want even more security, another function that we must enable within the program’s security settings is the double authentication. This security measure will allow us to configure an extra layer of security within the program. When we are going to connect to it, what it will do is ask us for an additional, totally random security code that we will not know, but we will have to obtain it by different means, such as on our smartphone using a 2FA application.

In this way, even if someone gets our ID and password, they will not be able to connect to the PC without that code. And the only way to obtain it will be from the app installed on our smartphone.

Keep TeamViewer always up to date

Finally, although it seems obvious, many users ignore it. The developers of this program usually release new versions of it periodically. These versions, in addition to improving the operation of the program, usually correct errors and vulnerabilities. If we do not update the program, our PC can be in danger exposed to possible computer attacks. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you always have the latest version of TeamViewer installed.

The latest version, of course, we can download it for free from its website.

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