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It is through the voice of its new big boss Luca de Meo that the Renault Group unveiled its Renaulution plan. Among the main announcements, the launch of a future 100% electric Renault 5, the outlines of which can already be seen with the R5 Prototype.

After appointing former Seat boss Luca de Meo as its head, Groupe Renault recently launched its Renaulution. A strategic plan structured in 3 phases which will all be launched in parallel. In addition to the financial aspects, in particular concerning the recovery of the margin and the profitability of the brands, Renault plans to launch 14 new models in its range by 2025.

Without surprise, seven will be 100% electric, while the other seven will be positioned on the C and D segments while giving pride of place to hybridization. It is in this context that Renault unveiled the Renault 5 Prototype, a concept that heralds the brand’s next flagship model in terms of electric cars.Renault 5 Electric Prototype

🚕 What does the future electric Renault 5 look like?

Renault’s stated objective with this emblematic model: draw inspiration from its glorious past while offering a modern and accessible vehicle. The Renault 5 Prototype is a compact city car that takes up the general lines of its famous ancestor, not without modernizing them with a lot of LEDs, especially at the front end.Renault 5 Prototype and Gilles VIDAL designer

Gilles Vidal’s design team opted for modern “pop” yellow bodywork, while the finishes and the materials chosen are inspired by the world of electronics, furniture and sports. Sportiness will be a question with this electric vehicle which can also rely on the expertise of the manufacturer in F1. Certain elements of the Renault 5 Prototype confirm this, such as the air intakes underlined by LED lighting at the front end, the front spoiler, or even the hollow fenders and raised shoulders.

In addition to modernizing style elements inspired by the original R5, some also hide practical functions. This is particularly the case of thea bonnet air intake that conceals the charging hatch, for example. A design that is also reminiscent of that of the Honda e, the first electric car of the famous Japanese brand which also evolved in F1 until recently.Renault 5 Electric Prototype

As at the time of Honda’s announcement with its small electric compact, the photos of the Renault 5 Prototype made the web vibrate. The manufacturer was not mistaken in relying on one of its emblematic models, while playing the card of modernity and the French touch. The rear lights incorporate aerodynamic deflectors, and fog lights in the bumper act as LED daytime running lights. Lighting also plays an important part in the design of the car, especially with front and back logos which light up to give it life. A very current trend here again. In addition, there are also other nods to the Renault 5 at the level of the side grille, or even the wheels and the logo at the rear.Renault 5 Electric Prototype

The fabric front and roof are inspired by the world of interior design by fully playing the “French” charm card. As was also the case when Alpine returned, the French flag underlines the origins of the Renault 5 Prototype, a flag displayed on the exterior mirrors.

🛠 Which engine for the future electric Renault 5?

Renault has not yet released a lot of information on this new electric car. We will therefore have to wait a little longer to learn more about this long-awaited model. Interior information is limited to the integration of a small transparent screen on the dashboard.Renault 5 Electric Prototype

On the motorization side, one can imagine that the manufacturer will take over the electrical block of the Renault Zoe current or Twingo Electric. For the record, the first has two engines to choose from with 80 kW (108 hp) on the one hand, and 100 kW (135 hp) on the other. These deliver 225 Nm and 245 Nm respectively. For its part, the electric Twingo benefits from a more modest engine in view of its dimensions. It is this time a block of 60 kW (81 hp) capable of propelling the small city car to 100 km / h in 12.9 seconds.

🔋 What autonomy for the electric Renault 5?

Again, we can assume that the next electric R5 will display performance and range between those of the Renault Zoé and the electric Renault Twingo. In its low 80 kW configuration with the 52 kWh battery, the Renault Zoé can travel 395 km on a charge following the WLTP mixed cycle. The most powerful version is practically equal with 386 km of autonomy between two recharges.Renault 5 Electric Prototype

For its part, the electric Renault Twingo has a small 22 kWh battery which reserves it for strictly urban and peri-urban use. Indeed, thus equipped, it is announced to travel up to 270 km in the WLTP urban cycle, and 190 km in the WLTP cycle.

It is also towards these two existing models that we will base ourselves to estimate the charging times of the electric Renault 5. With its small battery, the electric Renault Twingo only takes one hour to regain 80% capacity on a 22 kW Wallbox. Count 3h20 with a power of 7.4 kW, 6h45 with a Green’Up socket of 3.7 kW, and finally 12h on a domestic socket of 2.3 kW.

Renault 5 Electric Prototype

On his side, the Renault Zoé can take advantage of “fast” charging at 50 kW on a direct current terminal to regain 80% capacity in 1h05. The use of a 22 kW Wallbox will double this time while it will take more than 25 hours on a domestic outlet.

🗓 Where and when will the Renault 5 Electric be produced?

Among the rare information communicated since Luca de Meo’s press conference, Jean-Dominique Senard, President of the Renault brand and of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, provided some details on the production site of the future Renault 5 electric.

Unsurprisingly, it will be produced in France, and more precisely within the Douai factory which already hosts the Scenic, Talisman and other Renault Espace. As a reminder, Renault plans to produce nearly 400,000 electric vehicles within an electric pole located in the north of the country.Renault 5 Electric Prototype

It is of course still too early to say on the date of marketing, but things should accelerate quickly with the announcement of the end of the Twingo. Although it is perfectly suited to large cities, and it goes in the direction of policies against heavy and bulky vehicles, it would not be profitable according to Luca De Meo. Normally, the Renault 5 Electric will therefore replace it in 2025alongside the replacement for Zoé who will celebrate her tenth birthday next year.Renault 5 Electric Prototype

💰 What is the price of the Renault 5 Electric?

This is the big question that is on everyone’s lips. While the prices of electric cars will inevitably fall in the years to come (even if Tesla did not wait to lower the price of its Model 3 at the start of 2021), the future electric R5 promises to be affordable if Renault’s statements are to be believed. According to one of our sources, the brand has not yet decided on the price of its future electric car.Renault 5 Electric Prototype

But in all likelihood, the replacement for the electric Twingo should have a very affordable price when it goes on sale. For memory, the current electric Twingo is available from 21,350 euros before the ecological bonus in its entry-level Life version. The Intense model which heads the range is displayed from 25,450 euros.

In March 2023, Renault revealed some details about its strategy to lower the price of its electric R5. First of all, the R5 will be based on a different platform from that of the Zoé, namely the CMF-BEV. The advantage? It shares 70% of the parts with the CMF-B platform, used on the Clio. This drastically reduces production costs.

The latest information on the electric R5

In April 2023, Renault launched a new application on Android and iOS: Reno. With this app, the diamond brand introduces Reno, the virtual avatar that will equip the electric R5. This AI was developed by the co-creator of Siri and was designed as a co-pilot, which will help you master all the features of the electric city car.

Via this app, users can therefore test the capabilities of Reno, but also obtain exclusive information on the future 4L and R5, access NFTs and the Renault derivatives store. Another interesting point, it will be possible to have accessto pre-orders of the R5 in preview.

renault reno app
Credits: Renault

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