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Thanks to these social platforms we have the opportunity to share all kinds of content with our contacts, friends and family. However, a series of important changes related to its price are going to take place soon. We tell you all this because just a few hours ago, Meta, parent company of the aforementioned Facebook and Instagramhas given us an interesting novelty.

All this is focused on the new feature called Meta Verified and that will begin to be deployed this week in a first group of countries. To give you an idea of ​​what we are telling you, say that Goal Verified It is a subscription service that will help interested users of the aforementioned social networks to verify their accounts. Perhaps at first some of you will be able to compare this novelty with the already veteran Twitter Blue, Twitter’s subscription service, but it is very different.

Basically in this case we find a service that Meta offers us to pay a fee in order to verify accounts on Facebook and Instagram. After payment and commented verification, the function as such awards a verification badge to the accounts. This is a badge that will appear next to the user’s name and its main purpose is to confirm its authenticity. As you can imagine, this can be extremely useful for certain users and companies.

What is the price of Meta Verified on Facebook and Instagram

Thanks to the aforementioned badge, the credibility and reliability of everything that is published in the verified account with Meta Verified is guaranteed. This is precisely what the company that offers us this service has argued. From their point of view it is nothing more than a useful function to improve the credibility of the accounts while protecting the impersonation of these.

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We must bear in mind that this is a service that is currently being launched in some countries and for certain platforms, so it still raises many questions. At the moment we do not know if payment for verification on Facebook and Instagram will become common or if the free verifications. It is worth mentioning that this change will not affect accounts that have been verified in the past at all. At the moment this Meta Verified payment system for Facebook and Instagram has been implemented in New Zealand and Australia.

In addition, it is important to know that at the moment it is available on the web or on devices based on Apple’s iOS system. All this has a price $11.99 monthly for the web version, or 14.99 monthly on iOS. It is true that this will help many companies to give credibility to the content published in their account, but not all of them will be able to afford this expense, obviously. It is also important to know that those who pay this payment will get some additional advantages.

And it is that in addition to security against identity theft and the aforementioned badge, we will obtain a direct help system. In turn, our account and its publications will have a increased visibility in certain areas of the platform. We will also get various additional elements to use in such posts.

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