Priest ‘ran’ a man without a mask from the church and a pitched battle broke out | VIDEO

A mass in a Washington Catholic Church, on USA, got out of control after a man who did not wear a mask cause a pitched battle at the altar of the temple: the priest Paul Brunet, who officiated the service, asked him to leave, but he ignored him and unleashed the fury of the parishioners.

According to local media, the events occurred this October 24th on the church of St. Frances Cabrini, in Lakewood. In social networks circulates the video of the confrontation and in it you can see how the subject without a mask stands up, takes the stage while the father reads a psalm. Seeing him, the religious returns to his place and says “you need leave this church right now“.

Then the man becomes violent and begins to point at everyone. At that moment a believer also goes up to the altar and asks him to leave, but the subject is stupid and does not. This attitude makes more than a dozen parishioners who were at mass also go up to try to subdue him.

And they succeeded, despite the fact that the attacker yelled for their hands to be taken off him. In a few seconds the man is on the ground surrounded by the annoying religious, who take him by the limbs and apparently do manage to get him out of the church. All this happened before the astonished gaze of the priest himself and his companion, who asked someone to call 911, because in the place, in addition to the collision, there were scared and crying women and children.

Why did they ask him to leave the church?

According to Washington authorities, in the state still The use of face masks in closed places is mandatory, and in the recording it could be seen that the man who caused the disturbance was not wearing it; However, the church itself later disclosed that That was not the reason why they demanded that he leave the premises.

It turns out that man had a restriction to enter to the church of St. Frances Cabrini had already caused problems months ago, because his son was studying there. Even a couple of days before the altercation, the subject – whose identity was not revealed – the man again entered and threatened the priest and school staff that is in the church, which is why the police prohibited him from approaching.

After the disturbance last Sunday, the man was arrested when parishioners took him out of the church and was charged with burglary in the first degree, however, he was released after posting bail, local media reported. For its part, the church asked its faithful not to share the video of the confrontation anymore.

With information from Daily Mail and US Mail 24


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