Prime Day offer: You never saw this Echo Dot 4 with a clock so cheap

If you have already experienced a few Prime Days, you will know that this day is the ideal one if you have in mind to buy an Amazon device. In recent years, Prime Day has brought us quite significant sales on devices such as the Echo, the Fire TV Stick or the Kindle readers. This year, Alexa devices are experiencing some pretty interesting sales. Among all the offers, the 4th generation Echo Dot with clock. A really useful device that is currently at its historical low. Are you going to miss it?

Historical low for the Amazon Echo Dot 4 with clock

A priori, pay a little more for a echo with clock doesn’t seem like an attractive enough idea. You can look at the time in a thousand different places and save that cost. However, once you use your first Amazon Echo Dot with a clock, you’ll never want to buy a regular one again.

Amazon sells this device saying that it is an ideal model to place on a nightstand. And they are absolutely right in the world, but we have found it to be of superior use. The Amazon Echo Dot 4 with clock is the perfect Alexa device to place in a kitchen. If you already have experience dealing with Alexa, the normal thing is to be cooking and add the ingredients that you are consuming to the shopping list. At the same time, you listen to music. And meanwhile, you set a series of timers so you don’t miss the pasta you put to boil. The Echo Dot 4 with clock has the advantage that you can see the real time timer, so you won’t have to ask Alexa from time to time how much is left. Just for this detail, it is usually interesting to get this model. Its only drawback is that it is quite expensive, but today you can get this speaker at the lowest price ever recorded. You can buy it in both white and grayish blue for €25.99. Or, what is the same, with a 55% savings compared to its recommended price.

If you have doubts, the white is the most elegant Echo you will find, but the blue It wins if you are going to place it in a place with good lighting, since it has more contrast between the numbers and the surface of the speaker.

Other interesting Echo offers:

If you agree with the no clock versionyou have it in any of the three colors by €19.99. A really affordable price if you’re looking to put Alexa in every room.

Also, there are several offers that you can take advantage of in conjunction with speaker purchase. For five euros more you can get your Echo Dot 4 with a Meross Smart Plug (that is, a smart plug) or a Philips Hue White smart bulb. This offer applies to both the Echo Dot 4 and its clock variant.

The EchoDot 3 It is also on sale, but it will only cost you a couple of euros cheaper, so it will pay you to get its successor both for audio quality and microphones and to combine with other current devices to make multi-room or stereo audio.

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