PrimeWire: PopCorn Time’s competitor is living his last moments

After PopCorn Time, it is the turn of another important pirate streaming site to be in the crosshairs of the American justice system. Indeed, a California court has issued a preliminary injunction against the operators of PrimeWire.

primewire pirate site

While PopCorn Time has just closed its doors for good (until a mirror site proves otherwise), the most important members of the film industry have decided to take on another heavyweight in pirate streaming: PrimeWire.

In early December 2021, several Hollywood studios as well as Netflix joined forces under the MPA’s banner, the Motion Picture Association, to continue the platform. This is not the first attempt initiated to bring down PrimeWire, in business for over eight years now.

Over the years, PrimeWire domains have been blocked multiple times by court order in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Denmark and Portugal. In November 2021, the MPA and the Alliance for Creativity obtained from a US court a subpoena under the DMCA, requiring in the passage of CloudFlare (a cloud platform) that it provide all the information available on the operators / developers of PrimeWire.

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American justice attacks PrimeWire

Then as said above, it was the turn of Paramount, Universal, Warner, Columbia, Disney and Netflix to mobilize against the pirate site for copyright infringement. And precisely, following a preliminary hearing on January 3, 2022, Central District California Judge Mark C. Scarsi granted a preliminary injunction to prevent PrimeWire from harming and again violating the rights of the plaintiffs.

The plaintiffs did not allow digital reproduction and streaming of their copyrighted works. Thus, streaming that occurs on PrimeWire or on websites to which PrimeWire refers violates the Copyright Act ”, assures Judge Scarsi.

With this injunction, authorities order and prevent PrimeWire defendants and anyone acting in concert with them to carry out a number of actions, including the creation of links to the distribution, reproduction, copying, hosting, downloading and display of the protected works of the plaintiffs. In addition, no action can be taken by the developers to transfer, or domain names to another domain.

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