Princess Majo of Japan marries a commoner; follow in Lady Di’s footsteps and renounce royalty for love

The princess Mako from Japan It is no longer part of the imperial family of the country of the rising Sun, officially. This after marrying Kei komuro, a colleague from the university, whom he has known for 13 years and who does not belong to the Japanese nobility.

They had both gotten engaged in 2013, but the wedding was postponed, after all controversy and the scandal it generated in the imperial family. The wedding was to take place in 2018.

Before today’s wedding, Komuro visited the parents of Mako, that is, the crown prince to the throne, Fumihito. There he paid his respects, but it did little to heal the quarrels over the marriage union that took place this morning.

He gave up royalty for the love

The tradition in Japan it forces royal women who marry a commoner to abandon the royal family and all its goodness. This does not apply to men who decide to marry someone outside of the upper class.

But love led Mako to make this decision. Besides, the controversy that generated the wedding has caused him to decide to give up the 150 million yen that correspond to him as official compensation, that is, about 25 million pesos that women of the imperial family receive who marry and leave the institution.

This makes Mako in the first princess in Japan who breaks with both traditions, that is, that of marrying a royal person and that of receiving payment for her departure from the Royal family. Both are expected to live in the United States, where Kei works as a lawyer.

Follow in Lady Di’s footsteps

The life of Lady diPrincess of Wales was very controversial, especially in recent years, when she separated from Prince Charles. And although they married in 1981 and were together for 15 years, their incompatibility was always the subject of controversy in the United Kingdom.

After your divorce, Lady di had a relationship with Dodi al-fayed, a man of great wealth, but who did not belong to the British nobility.

Despite all the questions and persecutions he suffered, he always looked for love and happiness next to the one born in Alexandria, Egypt. Even one of the reasons why the accident in Paris, which cost both their lives, is thought to have happened is that they were trying to escape the Paparazzi who were chasing them on the high-speed road.


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