Print in full color for less than one euro per month, thanks to the HP Instant Ink service

I’m sure this scene is familiar to you. After a while without using the printer you need to print an important job, and by the way you are going to take the opportunity to take a couple of photos that you really like. You start to print, but unfortunately you get a notice that the ink is low and you can’t finish printing your work. Now you will have to go to the store to buy new cartridges, and you will spend between 30 and 120 euros depending on the printer model you use. It’s a major upset, right? Well, with the HP Instant Ink service this it wouldn’t have happened to you.

The HP Instant Ink service has revolutionized the world of ink-based printing by becoming the most convenient – ​​and cheapest – way to print. You will no longer have to worry about ink, and you will be able to print your works and your favorite photographs and drawings from only 0.99 euros per month. Yes, you read correctly, you will be able to cover your monthly printing needs for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

With HP Instant Ink Service No more running out of ink at the worst possible time, and you won’t have to waste time going to the store to buy new cartridges again. You won’t have to spend a lot of money buying cartridges either, and you can simplify and reduce your printing costs by a very cheap monthly feeso much so that, as we have said, part of the 0.99 euros.

Ink, recycling and home delivery for less than one euro with HP Instant Ink

From the moment you sign up for the HP Instant Ink service, the printer will automatically control the level of the ink cartridges. You won’t have to worry about a thing, as it will automatically order new cartridges when it detects low levels, and You will receive them at home and without shipping costs before the ones you’re using run out.

When you print under the traditional model of purchasing cartridges, your printing costs are mainly defined by the ink you consume. Printing in color and in high quality represents, therefore, a significant increase in your costs, and this means that in the end you end up self-limiting, believing that this is how you will save, but in the end the reality is that you are not using your printer as you would like to not waste ink.

Thanks to the HP Instant Ink service, that’s a thing of the past. It no longer matters how much ink you spend, only the pages you print, This means that with this service you can print in color at the price of black and white, and that using the high quality printing mode will not affect your printing costs in any way. A high-quality, full-color page will cost you the same as a low-quality, black-and-white printed text document.

Each of the five available plans includes a certain number of pages for a fixed monthly fee. You can print them as you want, your quota will not change, and if you need to print more pages one month you can expand in additional page packs, or you can upgrade directly to a higher plan. This is also very important, because when you sign up for the HP Instant Ink service you do not assume no kind of commitment.

These are the available plans:

  • 10 pages per month for 0.99 euros: You can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro.
  • 50 pages per month for 3.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro.
  • 100 pages per month for 5.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro.
  • 300 pages per month for 11.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 10 pages for one euro.
  • 700 pages per month for 24.99 euros: you can expand in packs of 15 pages for one euro.

As you can see, the prices of the five plans offered by the HP Instant Ink service are very affordable, but you are probably wondering what happens if one month you do not use all the pages that your plan includes. You have nothing to worry about, those pages they will accumulate for the next month, you will not lose them.

The HP Instant Ink service also includes a free recycling program that will allow you to do your bit for the care of the planet. Thanks to the postage-paid envelopes that you will receive with each pack of cartridges, you can be part of the circular economy, and without having to make any kind of effort. Printing has never been so cheap, comfortable and sustainable.

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